Thursday, 10 December 2020

Officers of Ayade's newly created security outfit, Op' Akpakwu spotted with women and alcohol on duty post


Officers of the newly formed security combat team code named Operation Akpakwu have been caught off guard, carrying out unofficial duties during work hours while on their duty post.

According to eye witnesses who called in during a live interactive radio show on FAD 92.3 FM in its Early Morning Risers show, the officers were seen
hanging around with women, while sipping alcoholic beverages from green bottles in their duty post. 

It was alleged by these callers-in and political analysts that officers of Operation Akpakwu were seen to hang their hands across the shoulders of some ladies while also fidgeting with alcoholic drinks.

On a second thought, one may begin to wonder whether the officers used that as a strategy for gathering intelligence.

Recall that, owing to the increase in cases of kidnapping and crime rate in the state, the government of Cross River State,had last week set up a new security formation to tackle these menace, its primary objective is to address rampant kidnappings and related crimes and criminalities.

Arguably, Operation Akpakwu has been adjudged to be a commendable move seeing they have recorded a handful of arrests.

If the accessions by the callers-in be true and it's not part of the outfits strategies to get intelligence, then Cross Riverians are doomed because the security unit won't last and it will soon become a shadow of itself.

What is your take on this?