Sunday, 13 December 2020

#Shilo2020: This is what Oyedepo said will happen in 2021


As the 2020 climax to a close, many have anticipated good things for next year owing to the fact that 80% of 2020 was cut off due to the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic that plagued the world.

 Many can't wait to begin on a clean slate and start their life afresh beginning from 2021. But unfortunately Bishop David Oyedepo, General Overseer and Founder of Living Faith Ministry, aka Winners Chapel has revealed that beginning from 2021 the years ahead will not be different from 2020 as there more diseases and virus that will plague the world.

In his words, "In 2021 many more virus coming but you shall be exempted. There will be great Famine in the land, much more of all these things will be experienced, but for you, there shall not come near you. These are signs of the end time, so we should expect more."

The man of God who revealed this during the impartation service to close this year's Shilo, said there will be an advent of worst diseases and sicknesses including famine in the world said that God's children will be exempted from them all, stating that there are all proves of the fulfilment of God's prophesy of the signs of the end time.