Wednesday, 20 January 2021

C'R LG boss presents 2021 budget to Legislature amidst leadership Crisis

The Executive Chairman of Odukpani Local Government Council Hon. (Mrs.) Justina Edem has presented the 2021appropriation to the Odupkani legislative Council amidst it leadership Crisis.

The budget presentation which took place at the floor of the legislative chambers at the Local Government Council have received some backlash from concern Citizens who are not happy with the council's silence over the leadership Crisis rocking the legislature especially where the leader was said to have been beaten by some hoodlums.

Some quarter of the populace are of the opinion that the chairman of council would have at least released an official statement condemning the actions that took place on the 18th of January.

"She is the Chief Security Officer of the council and your leader of council was beaten by hoodlums,and you could not have at least put up an official statement to that effect all you could do was come and present a budget two days after."

Even if you don't want to involve yourself with the infighting of the legislatures, but the mere fact that one of your legislators, infact the leader of council was involved in a brawl that led to him being hospitalised, as a mother, human sympathy should make you take certain steps. Even to officially condemn the act. But her actions and body language suggest she's in support of what transpired." These were the words of a member of the PDP from Odupkani who pleaded not be mentioned.

The budget tagged "BUDGET OF HOPE" has a total of Nine billion, eight hundred and eighty-nine million, six hundred and fifty-five thousand, fifteen naira and zero kobo (N9,889,655,015.00k) only 

According to the council boss the budget is aimed at consolidation on an already established foundation, the gain achieved and recorded with expanding frontier for outright socio-economic emancipation.

A breakdown of the budget, saw N2,414,419,760 given to  recurrent expenditure, while capital expenditure will gallop N6,507,312,322. The budgetary provision according to the presentation is to cover economic, social services, environmental, regional development, and general administration sector.

It should be recalled that, the leader of Odupkani legislative Council, Hon. Godswill Iya was reportedly impeached and beaten to coma by some councilors with the aide of thugs brought into the Chambers.