Sunday, 17 January 2021

Gynaecologist advised women against shaving their pubic hair

Shaving of pubic hair for several persons means different things to them. Some shave because they want fresh air down there,while others believe it's more hygienic to have their pubic hair shaved, But an expert gynaecologist, Dr. Jen Gunter has discouraged people from shaving their pubic hair.

Gunter, an American based author of The Vagina Bible had warned women against shaving their pubic hair through waxing their pubic hair because it can cause what she described as 'Microscopic trauma' which may eventually lead to vaginal infections. 

Speaking further, the gynaecologist said naturally, pubic hairs play a protective role to the skin which as a barrier against the outside world and thus shaving the pubic may also reduce sexual pleasure.

Gunter, who is author of The Vagina Bible, warned women against waxing or shaving their hair, because, according to her, it can cause "microscopic trauma" that can lead to infections.

She said the hair is necessary to protect the skin by acting as a barrier against the outside world and that shaving may also reduce sexual pleasure because each pubic hair is attached to nerve ending that's why it hurts when you remove it. 

Dr. Gunter, advising, said if one may for any reason still want to remove their pubic hair, then they must use a clean razor and shave and follow the direction of the hair. Stating that going against the grain increases the risk of ingrown hairs which can become infected.

Gunter insist that if one must wax, they should ensure that the technician does not "double dip".

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