Thursday, 18 February 2021

Protest against PHED in Calabar: Putting the records straight

... Sponsored Protesters Storm PHED office in Calabar 

Constructive engagement is one of the greatest gift bestowed on leaders of thoughts, Political elders and opinion leaders in a given society, because the civility, peace and togetherness of the populace rest on the dependable shoulders of responsible elders. 

It is saddening to say the least, that some elders are not known to foster peace and onness; but are known for irresponsibility, sophomaniac and vindictive behavior. 

How can anyone sensationalised the issue between PHED, Akpabuyo and Bakassi local government area, if not for Political gains or personal vendetta against a company rendering quality services to the general public. 

The matter is purely a business relationship gone bad; how can anyone attempt to politisize such issue by sponsoring a protest against a performing, hardworking indigenous Crossriverian and a true Efik son, who is putting in his best to boost the state's business fortune thereby ensuring we have steady power supply. 

The issue in question is that for over three years the said local government councils failed to pay power supply bill to PHED, this failure has resulted in the LGAs outstanding bill amounting to over eight hundred million naira, PHED had no choice but to effect disconnection of power supply to the respective LGAs; which is within any private company's legitimate right to do so. 

Note that the disconnection of power supply by PHED from government, individuals, private  and corporate bodies is not peculiar to Akpabuyo and Bakassi local government area. Note that the first week of December 2020 and first week of January 2021 PHED had disconnected power from government agencies, ministry and departments for lack of payment, Power supply was only restored after negotiations and  reasonable payment by the government was made. 

For the records the power sector is completely privatised and at such runs as a private sector business with the soul aim of generating revenue to run the system and the end user must pay for consumption, which is the only guarantee for business survival.

Victimising Maurice Ibok or anyone managing a private business in the state;  is like victimising Dangote for selling cement to the Northers since they are his people. 

Cross Riverians and the business community in the state must come together to resist every and any attempt by anyone who plans to disrupt the economic fortune of the State for his or her personal gains.

Let's support our own.