Monday, 15 March 2021

Communities honors Manager of Margaret Ekpo Intl Airport

Ukorebi Esien | 13th February 2021 

Host Communities of the Margaret Ekpo International Airport in Calabar, Cross River State has honored the airport manager, Chief Umunna Hillary with an award for his exceptional community relationship with host communities. 

Presenting the Award at the Palace of the Ndidem of the Quas, the Ndidem, His Royal Majesty Ndidem Eta Bassey Eteta expressed gratitude towards towards Mr. Henry for his disposition towards host communities, stating that the airport manager have enjoyed a cordial relationship with with them and thus deserved to be appreciated with an award. 

"Today  we welcome you all to this occasion, toady is a happy day for all us. Mr. Hillary was transfered to this station, on arrival he told us that he is a man of the people, He visited all our Atoes and clans around the airport, we really appreciate it. Today we have seen the results. He has done very well. We thank God that today you have found him fit for this honor, we the clan heads here and those who are not here due to circumstances beyond their control, we appreciate you. Thank you for being good to us. But in our communities, when a man does good, instead of thanking him, they ask him to do more. That's what we are now saying by this award." The Royal Father said. 

In his remarks, Mr. Umunna said he was eternally grateful for such cordial and homely reception the Calabar Community have accorded him, stating that the ward goes to the management of FAAN who according to him have provided the enabling environment for the development of manpower and infrastructural growth at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport. 

"This award goes to FAAN that has provided the enabling platform for manpower development and infrastructural growth of Margaret Ekpo International Airport MEIA Calabar - Through the employment of willing youths of Calabar Community."

The Airport boss, went further to state that he hopes the cordial relationship shared between the airport management and host communities will result to greater good for the interest of all. 

" We are a part of the community and the community is a part of us. We are your people and you are our people, thus its only natural we carry each other along from the present to the future for the good of all. 

It is my hope and believe that what we share today will bridge any gap that might have existed between us and curse us to focus more on foresting a better relationship together for our various publics." He concluded. 

Speaking with selected staff of the airport, TDN gathered that Mr. Hillary Umunna has been a blessing to Margaret Ekpo International Airport and its numerous staff, as several transformation has taken place since he was posted down. 

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