Monday, 15 March 2021

Eta Mbora gift cars to supporters, list recent constituency Projects completed


Member Representing Odupkani/Calabar Municipality in the Green Chambers of the National Assembly, Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora, yesterday Sunday 7th March 2021 gifted cars to some of his loyalist who according to him have been with him through thick and thin. TDN can authoritatively report. 

Mbora who said he was appreciative to God for his political journey so far also said in addition to the roads construction, schools renovation, installation of solar energy street lights projects etc he has done and is still doing for his people, he felt it was time to surprise his constituents especially those who had shown absolute believe in his leadership. Therefore, he kept the surprise to himself, didn't consult his party or constituency leaders but decided to take all of them by surprise. 

"In addition to several other things we are doing, we are doing roads, schools, we just finished Akim Akim road down to the beach, we just started a road project in Ikot Omin, we have completed a 6 classroom block at Akim Primary School, and several other projects, I decided to shock my constituents a little, that is why I didn't consult any of the constituency or party leaders, I kept it to myself. None of the recipients today knew they will be leaving this place today with a car, they must have thought it just the usual meetings we use to have whenever I am in town". The lawmaker said. 

Speaking further, the Eta informed that as a representative, he has carried out several projects in his constituency but in his usual manner those projects are not publicized, but users of the facilities are happy for the various developments. 

In as much as I am use to public service, I don't believe in publicizing what we do, I feel it's my responsibility to provide those critical needs of my people. We don't need to announce it. In my usual self, I wouldn't even make noise about what we are about doing today, I would have just simply called them to my house, handover the keys to them and my wife pray for them without announcing it, if they like they announce it but for me, I don't think the publicity is necessary." He said. 

The beneficiaries of the car gifts which are drawn across the two bloc of his constituency are Mr. Emmanuel Okon 
Barr Oqua Edet, Nyong Edet Nyong, Hon Christopher Ekpo, and Barr Bassey Williams. 

Reacting the gesture and several strides of Rt Hon. Eta Mbora, stakeholders in Calabar Municipality/ Odukpani Federal Odukpani applauded him for effective representation at the lower chamber, they expressed delight at the level people-oriented projects attracted to the constituency since he became their representative at the green chamber.

In his words, the member representing Calabar Municipality at the State House of Assembly, Ntufam Efa Esua, said his House of Representatives member has demonstrated without doubt that the interest and well-being of the electorate is paramount.

Speaking further the lawmaker, described Ntufam Mbora as a pragmatic politician who knows the needs of his people and works assiduously to meet their expectations despite the odds.

In his remarks an erstwhile leader of Odukpani Legislative Council Hon. Nyong Nyong opined that the Ntufam Eta Mbora has taken representation to another dimension since the return of democracy courtesy of his various durable and visible development programmes spread across his constituency.

The litany of  Eta Mbora's achievements in the Green Chambers include but not limited to:

1. Rehabilitation and construction of class rooms bloc and VIP toilets at Primary school Ediba, Akim, Ekong Anaku, Ndon Nyam, 

2. Construction and equipping of knowledge and ICT center at West African People's Institute WAPI as well as 

3. Solar powered and conventional boreholes at Ikot Anwatim, Asiak Obufa, Adaha Uko, Ikot Ansa,Atan Eki, Obit Esu, Ito Idere Ukwa and Nyakassang.

4. Akim ring road, Akim Akim, Akpap Oboroko road, 

5. Embankment and flood control at Ikoneto and the ongoing construction of the old Adiabo road off Tinapa road.

6. Foreign and local PhD scholarship awards, employments, vocational training and start off grants for self reliance, 

7. Provisions and installation of transformers, 

8. Construction and equipping of health centers at Nasarrawa and Ndon Awon in Odot.

Meanwhile, a veteran journalist and secretary, Qua Traditional Council Ntufam Oqua Itu has commended Rt Hon Eta Mbora for the construction of the Akim ring road.

The veteran media practitioner noted that the development has added value to the Akim community and enhance the aesthetics of the environment.

In the same vein, the Ntoe of Akim Akim in Odukpani, Prince Pius Bassey has expressed gratitude for the construction of the 4 kilometers road network terminating at the beach.

The royal father asserted that the road would afford his people who are mostly farmers the privilege to easily convey their produce to market thereby boosting their source of livelihood.

All the roads are to be fitted with solar powered street lights for improved night vision and security.