Thursday, 25 March 2021

Eta Mbora's Criticism; We are not castigating you, we only want you to perform.

By Charles Ekanem.

I read ( with alarm your castigation of people who criticised you for empowering a constituent with two Lawn Mower. A healthy democracy allows for debate and dissent, not the disparaging of those ones who disagrees with. Democracy also allows persuasion to a point of view, and if unsuccessful in the effort, to agree not be disagreeable.

My criticism of your one in a four years empowerment of two constituents after pressure from the media or for the re-election  hinges many to share this view of your non-performance occasioned with the fact that I supported you even against all odds of various blackmails and sentiment of you doing just a term to handover to someone from Odukpani LGA.

Your excuse for the low key Empowerment and not doing enough due to the current Economic situation is a mere excuse when compared to your other colleagues within the State.

My MP, it very shameful for a House of Representatives Member representing another Federal Constituency to facilitates transformers and even street lights in communities under your Constituency. Sir this is not just embarrassing but a clear message that we don't have an effective representative.

I don't hate you, I don't also want you to fail. Inshort  I want you to succeed against all odds and put smile in the faces of your constituents.

We are tired of one excuses for almost 8 years, Sir if you are doing enough as stated by some of your Political Allies please avail us the detail records of your achievements from 2019 till date. We deserve to know by watching the pictures since you don't CALL FOR A TOWN HALL MEETING to brief us.

One of my recommendation for you is to call for a town hall meeting and brief your constituents from Odukpani and Calabar Municipal on your efforts, achievements and intending programs that will bring hope to the good people of Calabar and Odukpani.

Dear MP, kindly take notes of my recommendations that will bring back most of us closer to you.

* Do a comprehensive sustainable empowerment of constituents from each Wards of Calabar Municipal and Odukpani.

* Call for a town hall meeting to brief us.

* Pay Bursary to at least 5 Students per ward including Post graduate students. I was a Beneficiary of such benevolence from your predecessor (Hon Nkoyo Toyo). 

* Facilitate scholarships for your constituents and sponsor those you can.

* Support Skills Acquisitions for your Constituents.

* Pick your Constituents calls and respond to their messages when necessary and try to solve some of their challenges.

* MOST IMPORTANTLY get fully involve in legislative activities by lobbying projects and developments to our Constituency.

*SPONSOR BILLS that will bring development to the people of Odukpani and Calabar Municipal.

*REWARD PARTY MEMBERS WHO STOOD BY YOU not only by buying them cars but attending to their pressing needs and plights.