Thursday, 25 March 2021

Re: Eta Mbora's Criticism; We are not castigating you, we only want you to perform.

Re: Eta Mbora's Criticism: We are not castigating you, we only want you to perform.

It is very unfortunate that some of the young ones in Cross River State have allowed themselves to be used as agents to pull-others-down. 

A few days back, a poorly written and unverified  article was published by one Prince Charles Ekanem, whose nomenclature in the social media space is yet-to-be- identified. At one point, he poses as a media aide to some light weight political appointees in the state and at other points he is a supposed staff of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), who have dedicated his time to the services of some pull-him-down politicians. 

What is most ridiculous is that the said Ekanem, is known for circulating false information and propaganda to curry favour from his sponsors and unsuspecting members of the public. 

For instance, some weeks ago, Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora gifted two lawn mowing machines to a constituents, who specifically demanded for a lawn mower to aide his lawn mowing business. But the MP decided to give two of those lawn mowers whose current market price is nothing less than N300, 000 three each. 

That is to say that the young man went home with gifts of not less than N600, 000. The issue here isn't about the monetary value of the gift but the value and the impact the gift would have made in the life and future of that young man whose business is lawn mowing. 

It was therefore, very surprising that the same Charles Ekanem took to social media to ridicule Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora for aiding a young man to fish and cater for his family instead of giving him daily fishes. It wasn't surprising because that's what Ekanem is used to as his paymasters keep him around them while paying him peanuts to abuse, attack, and ridicule other politicians on their behalf. 

In continuation of his diatribe and hatred for Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora, Charles' voyage into misinformation and propaganda was depicted again when he claimed that the Federal Lawmaker, in an interview granted, castigated members of the public for criticising him for gifting a lawn mower to his constituent. 

The baseless arguments and positions Charles is fond of presenting in his articles, would ordinarily not need a reply. But this rejoinder becomes expedient because some facts misrepresented by our friend in his latest article, this need to be straightened so as not to misdirected, mislead or misinform some members of the public. 

I had painstakingly read through the said- interview and there was no part of that piece where the MP castigated anyone. I finally concluded that it's either Charles Ekanem doesn't fully comprehend what it means to be castigated or he is just being mischievous and economical with the truth to enanle him market his product of deceit and lies, which he is adept at.

For the avoidance of doubt, this is what Eta Mbora said in that interview "...those who have chosen to call him names after he recently gifted 2 grass cutting machines to a constituent, should, going forward, restrain themselves from making statements without critically examining the circumstances under which gifts of that nature are given out."

Also in the fourth paragraph of that exclusive interview, Rt Hon Mbora reacting to the allegations that he is a none performing MP responded:"... Maybe what they actually mean is that I may not have been blowing my trumpet. The things I have done are all on the ground for all to see."

Looking at these two statements and putting it side by side with Ekanem's accusations, where he said: "I read ( with alarm your castigation of people who criticised you for empowering a constituent with two Lawn Mower. 

"A healthy democracy allows for debate and dissent, not the disparaging of those ones who disagrees with. Democracy also allows persuasion to a point of view, and if unsuccessful in the effort, to agree not be disagreeable." From this, one could, therefore, deduce that Ekanem is only a noisome interloper who tries to make a mole out of an anthill. 

At this point I will advise Ekanem to tender an unreserved apology to the MP representing the good people of Calabar Municipality and Odukpani Federal Constituency for false accusation. 

Let me at this point state that critical  stakeholders and constituents are all happy with Eta's representation thus far. This was demonstrated in a news story published by both local and national news tabloids and online platforms. 

Now in response to some of the issues raised in the ill written publication by Charles Ekanem, I will first educate him on the duties of a legislator as encapsulated in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Nigerian legislative arm of government has three main responsibilities which are. 

1. To legislate: that's carry out legislative functions such enact laws, move motions, present and pass bills etc. 

2. To represent: This have to do with effect representing their constituents and the constituency they represents at the NASS. The protect their interest by ensuring projects and programs that will directly affect their constituents and constituency are not only captured in the budget but executed. 

3. Oversight Functions: The MP here is expected to oversight MDA's under the various committees he is listed under. To ensure compliance with government recommendations 

And I will gladly inform our young friend, that the MP representing  Calabar Municipality/Odukpani Federal Constituency has not been found wanting in any of these three functions. 

Here are some bills sponsored by Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora 

1. A. bill seeking to provide automatic employment for graduates after their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

2. Federal Polytechnic, Creek Town, Odukpani (Establishment Etc.) Bill, 2019

3.Maritime Security Agency (Establishment) Bill, 2019

Just as the MP rightly advised while speaking with Calitwon, Charles should carry out proper investigations before jumping into irrelevant conclusions as to who is a performer and who's not a performer. As there are bills, motions etc credited to Rt Hon. Eta Mbora beginning from 2015 when he got elelcted into the National Assembly. These documents are in public domain and a visit to the website of the National Assembly will throw more light. 

Since 2015 till date, there are over 20 projects and programs facilitated by Eta Mbora in both Calabar Municipality and Odukpani Local Government Areas that make up his constituency. Permit me to mention just a few of them here:

 1. Rehabilitation and construction of class rooms bloc and VIP toilets at Primary school Ediba. 

2. Rehabilitation and construction of class rooms bloc and VIP toilets at Primary school Akim. 

3. Rehabilitation and construction of class rooms bloc and VIP toilets at Primary school Ekong Anaku. 

4.  Rehabilitation and construction of class rooms bloc and VIP toilets at Primary school  Ndon Nyam. 

5. Construction of 6 class rooms blocks, well furnished and VIP toilets at Primary school at Oboroko

6. Construction of 3 class rooms blocks with furnishing and VIP toilets at Primary school at Creek Town ward II. 

 7. Construction and equipping of knowledge and ICT center at West African People's Institute WAPI 

8. Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at Ikot Anwatim,

9. Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at Asiak Obufa, 

10.  Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at Adaha Uko, 

11. Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at   Ikot Ansa, 

12. Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at  Atan Eki

13. Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at Obit Esu,

14. Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at  Ito Idere Ukwa 

15. Provision of solar powered and conventional boreholes at  Nyakassang.

16.  construction of Akim Qua internal road, 4km completed. 

17. construction of Akim Akim road, 3km. Completed. 

18. Construction of Akpap Oboroko road, 8.4km. Ongoing, with 3km completed. 

19. Embankment and flood control at Ikoneto, 

20. the on-going construction of the old Adiabo road off Tinapa road. 4km. (This road links the whole of adiabo town without turning the highway

21. provisions and installation of transformers

22 construction and equipping of health centers at Nasarawa. 

As for the recommendations pushed forward by my young friend, Charles Ekanem, it is well noted but just to remind him that leadership style differs, he shouldn't expect leaders everywhere to act or lead with one straight jacket style which he is used to. 

Eta Mbora is a giver and a grassroots politician loved by many of his constituents because of his accessibility and accommodating nature. Eta doesn't need to inaugurate a scholarship or bursary scheme before he assist his constituents with educational support as there are records of many whose school fees and educational services are his responsibility, which he has done he has done to several constituents unannounced. 

Eta is a man of few words, a simple man to the core. I wonder why anyone should complain that he isn't reachable. Most of the recommendations put forward by Ekanem are not necessarily but all the same there are welcome and accepted because these are things the MP is already doing but due to his nature he doesn't sing praises of the things he does. 

Charles can be excused for being ignorant of the various activities of Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora because he ( Charles) works for politicians who are known for flaunting, posting and publicising all their day-to-day activities on social media. So he expects Eta to follow suit.  And to his amazement, the MP is definitely not his ( Charles) regular definition of a politician.

Let me be remind that Eta's projects and empowerments ars done in tandem with needs assessment. 

We, however, make bold to say that Rt Hon Mbora is not deterred and would continue to do more to better the lives of his constituents. 


Written by
Rt. Hon. Eta Mbora's Media Team