Friday, 25 June 2021

C'River 2023: The South will never bow Conspiracy or compromise against the South won't see the light of the day

Press Statement 

Cross River 2023: The Conspiracy or compromise against the South won't see the light of the day!

In recent times, Cross River State has witnessed several political activities that have tried to shape the politics of 2023, most of which has changed the narrative and permutations bringing in what is now referred to as "the new order of Cross River State politics". 

Amid all these realignment and political shifts, a poster that carried the faces of two current Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria representing the good people of both the Southern and Central part of the state was littered around town and on social media.
The poster which clearly stated that Senator Sandy Onor from Central Senatorial District will be running for the governorship seat of the state while Senator Gershom Bassey from the Southern senatorial district will be deputizing him did not only come as a surprise to many but further gave strength to the rumours of a grand plot to shortchange the south come 2023.
It is on the strength of this and many other political discussions filtering all over the place that we put up this publication to state the position of the south as it concerns 2023 gubernatorial elections in the state. 

In as much as we welcome a healthy competition in 2023 and we also respect and acknowledge individual constitutional rights to express their political desires to vote and be voted for, we want to emphatically state here that we the members of Cross River State Southern Senatorial District Assembly will not sit and fold our hands while our house is set ablaze.

As a group that is focused on equitable development in Cross River, we are using this medium to once again state that the South will not compromise 2023 for anything or anybody. We shall resist vehemently any attempt to push the south out of the 2023 gubernatorial race. We call on all southerners who are part of this plot to desist from scuttling the existing zoning structure which should this time around see the Southern Cross-River produce the next governor of the State. This zoning arrangement has maintained peace and stability in Cross River state politics and ought to be preserved regardless of selfish interests.

We, therefore, use this medium to reiterate our commitment to a peaceful transition of power come 2023 where fair play, equity and justice shall prevail even as we all respect the rotational zoning arrangement as we have always said that zoning is an equitable way of getting every zone to put forward their best when it is their turn and has given some degree of stability.

We cannot but salute the courage displayed by the governor of the state who has consistently stated that he will maintain the rotational zoning structure he not only inherited but benefited from. We applaud him for playing politics with ethics. 

It is also important to state that in as much as we believe and are pushing for a Southern governor come 2023, let it be known that the south owes Cross River State a duty to produce a competent governor that will take over from Governor Ben Ayade and take the state to its eldorado as we are not ready to sacrifice competence for zoning.

We call on Political parties under the umbrellas of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP and Inter-party Advisory Council, IPAC to ensure that they all field Southern candidates for the governorship slots of their various political parties. 

Every Senatorial District has benefited from this rotational politics we practice in Cross River, it is therefore only logical, equitable and fair to continue with the zoning formula as it has not in any way destroyed the peaceful coexistence, we enjoy neither has it affected us negatively as a people. Rather it has brought unity and understanding amongst us. As the saying goes "you don't change a winning game, rather you only change a losing one". The state already has enough challenges as it is and so we urge everyone in our political class not to create a new problem just for the sake of personal ambitions.

Finally, we call on the Central and Northern Senatorial District of Cross River State to support the south in producing a credible governor come 2023 the same way the South supported them when the zoning wheel was turned their way. They should work with their southern counterparts to ensure that they produce a governor that matches the required competence to move the entire state forward. Let us do everything to resist the creation of a new monster in our political climate, namely Zonal Politics.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria 
Long live Cross River State 
Long live Cross River State Southern Senatorial District Assembly

 John Offiong
Chief of party