Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Are the Youths really ready to Takeover? by Edim M. Edim

Edim M. Edim | 13th July, 2021 

Politics is a game of shared interest, support, ideology, determination and unity. Without these and more, political success is almost impossible. The youths overtime have agitated to be given the chance to taste leadership and hold sensitive political and elective positions in the country. However, their chances seem to be restricted by their respective political leaders who have clinged to power for almost eternity without any obvious signs of relinquishing same to the younger generation. 

In April, 2018, the Nigeria's Senate resolved to transmit the "Not Too Young To Run" bill to the President of Nigeria. On May 21, 2018, 55 youth-led organizations gave President Buhari an 8-day ultimatum to assent to the bill. On 29 May 2018, Nigeria's President Buhari announced in his Democracy Day National Address that he planned to sign the bill into law. He subsequently signed the bill on the 31st of May 2018. On May 31, 2018. And this cheering news happened a few months before the 2019 General Elections. 

Subsequently, as expected, a good number of youths declared their interest to run for their respective and desired political offices, even for the seat of the President; notable  names included Mr.  Omoyele Sowore, Mr. Fela Durotoye amongst others for the Presidency.  In my dear State: Cross River, some caricatures cum aspirants sprung out for Governorship, Senate, House of Representatives, and House of Assembly, but these same "Youth Aspirants" along the line ended up declaring their support and loyalty to these same old politicians without a fight or recourse to their own little supporters who in the end got disappointed and never took them serious anymore. 

Taking-over is a not child's play. It is not what is achieved by mere talk. What have you put in place to takeover? Do you think it's that easy to takeover from people who have been in the corridors of power for more than two decades without proper planning and strategies? The 2023 General Elections is around the corner, and it's still not clear whether the youths are ready to takeover from the "Robert Mubabes and Paul Biyas" of Nigeria. All I hear and read all over the social media is the annoying phrase "We Move", move to where? You move to unending followership, slavery and loyalty that will only end in political appointments or perhaps a job with a paltry salary structure without a clear-cut interest, willpower and the self-determination to takeover? 

Although, I have been able to identify some critical factors inimical to this infinite political dominance by our leaders which include: low finances, lack of a formidable and determined youth structure, connection at the state or national level which obviously are controlled by these same old political leaders. Unless these men decide to relinquish power(which I don't see happening any time soon), It would be almost impossible for the youths to takeover higher elective positions in the country. 

Conclusively, power is taken, not given. I strongly advise the youths in the country, especially in Cross River State to come together, unite, chant one course and form  a very strong and powerful youth political structure filled with the best brains, determined and focused to drive the "takeover mantra" to success. There, they will strategize, plan and gather resources to promote and support their own candidates who will not only aspire but contest for elective positions such as Chairmanship, House of Representatives, Senate,  Governorship and even the Presidency. The truth is, these men need the youths to succeed, without them, their political relevance will be relegated overtime. Unity and determination is key to achieving this goal. Together, a better Nigeria is possible.