Monday, 30 August 2021

CallyAir Flight Cancelation: PDP Chieftain urge C'Riverians to support Ayade's good works

It is no longer news that CallyAir, Sunday night due to some technical issues could not fly its passengers from Calabar to Lagos, rather what was surprising and news worthy is the divide the development created in the Cross River State political and social media space. 

This divide which cuts across party lines initially began with critics of Ayade's government, especially those from his former party - The PDP hitting hard blows on him over the failure of his baby aircraft to convey its passengers to their destination without an apology. 

As the argument both in support and against the government continue to trail the discussion in the cyber space of the state, a former Commissioner of Cross River State and chieftain of the People's Democratic Party ( a supposed opposition member) in Etung  Local Government Area has joined the conversation making weighty statements while calling on Cross Riverians to support the governor's good intentions. 

Comrade Asu Okang, a two term commissioner and one time kitchen cabinet member of the Ayade's administration who later fell out of favour with his principal has called on Cross Riverians to support CallyAir to competitively grow amongst other airlines in the nation's aviation sector. 

Okang who made the call using the blue social media platform - Facebook said, flight cancelation wasn't a new thing in the aviation industry as he has severally been a victim of such cancelation, therefore the tantrums and criticism on the flight which is less than 3 months old was unnecessary. 

He clearly pointed out that Cross Riverians must learn to be patient, especially with the operations of CallyAir, stating that if any other project of Ayade wont survive, Cross Riverians should support CallyAir to survive even of that will be the only surviving project of governor Ayade. 

"I have  had my own fare share of this very grieving experience, both locally and internationally, regular flyers can relate.
In all,trust in the brand name and the manner of approach by the duty managers play a major role in calming the situation." He said.

"By the way, the airliners have apologized and I join them in the apology. All inconveniences regretted. Let's continue to fly 'cally'. Some days are like that....Let's be patient on this one.
please take the message and spare the messenger. CALLY AIR "na our own",it must survive! Even if it's the only thing we can hold onto." He admonished. 

But Okang was quick to add that what lead to the high level of attack and criticism against the government couldn't have been unconnected to the series of disappointments Cross Riverians have had from the Ayade's government, which according to him have broken their trust in the Ayade's led government. 

He therefore opined that when trust is serially broken, even genuine intentions or mistakes will be counted as wrong doings which will definitely face stiff opposition. 

Okang's statement reads in full: 

In life,I have learnt, that trust is the very tendon that  binds people together. Trust holds a lot!

Trust is like a tiny thread tied across a river, when you earn it, you can put anything on it and it stands, be it a house, a car,a good marriage, everlasting friendship, just name it! 
But  When trust is lost, even a feather placed on the same thread,breaks it, even before you place a thing.

I watched repeatedly, the video making the rounds at the Margaret Ekpo International Airport yesterday,and I saw the outpouring of angst and demonstration of outright misdemeanor  by stranded passengers of  the Lagos bound flight and the backlash that followed on the social media space.

while it is commonplace for passengers to protest in similar situations, the severity of this one,leaves one thing that was clear,beyond the obvious,was a complete distrust for a system that is perceived to have lost the confidence of people.

Make no mistake,there's the genuine pain and general feeling of  disappointment that comes with missing a flight, especially when you have appointments that are time bound to run with,be it a job interview,business Engagements, political meetings or even catching a connecting flight to other destinations,yes!

 Painful as it were,one can not also wish away the fact that, majority of those due for that flight were not first time flyers,and so may have at one point or the other,been faced with the  quagmire of either delayed flights or outright cancelations. In most cases, reasons like bad weather,poor visibility,technical issues in the operating aircraft etc have been advanced and in some cases,no one speaks,because even the duty  continuity announcer hardly sums up the courage to face intending passengers with the news of cancelation. 

I have  had my own fare share of this very grieving experience,both locally and internationally, regular flyers can relate.
In all,trust in the brand name and the manner of approach by the duty managers play a major role in calming the situation.

Because there is so much suspicion that exist between majority of the people against the Government,incidentally,the owners of the ' cally air' in issue. Movers of Government have a duty to re-ignite that connect,if Cally Air must continue to gain public patronage. They must speed up the process of acquiring its own Licence as an independent airline and disentangle itself from aero as soon as possible.

 What I saw in that video yesterday was more of a transfer of accumulated aggression,owing to a complete disconnect between the Government and the Governed. A semblance of what triggered the