Tuesday, 24 August 2021

'Dear Dinah', Read this short advice by Kedinor to rape survivors will make you cry.

For those of us who grew up in Church where we attended Sunday schools, we will be familiar with the story of Dinah in Gen. 34 :1-31 where Dinah, Jacob's only daughter was raped by Scheme, a royalty. 

All through the story, Dinah was silent, in the same manner rape victims are silenced in Nigeria. They receive all the blames, ranging from what she was wearing, to what she went to do in a man's house etc. 

But this mumpreneur and teens worker throws light on some usually undiscussed areas whenever this story is told or preached in church. 

Please read and share. 

Dear Dinah,

If there's one story that has left me with countless troubling questions, it's yours. Yes, I know, many of us have preached powerful messages from your story. We've blamed you, said you were careless, you wanted to be like others, and all that. But, beyond all of these I also ask;

Where were your parents when you went out unnoticed?

How was the situation at home that you had to go see the other daughters of the land? Was it chaotic, unfriendly or?

Were you just one lonely young girl who needed company or who had many issues and wished there was someone to talk to?

How was your relationship with your parents, or better, your mum?
If you knew of the wolf called "Shechem, do you think you'd have still dared that walk? 
Dear Dinah, I feel your pain. I've never read that you said anything before, during or after the rape but I know you were pained. I know you were even double pained because you became a victim all round.

Dear Dinah,
You may be reading this right now. I want you to know you can lift your head again, You can be heard again, you can live again! Don't let that situation shut you up, whether it's a rape, an abuse, a heartbreak or whatever it is....

Dear Dinah, rise up!

You are loved. I love you. God loves you. Live again, Dinah, live!

Kedinor Ofor-Emin is young dedicated mother, wife and entrepreneur with very strong passion for the up bringing of children. She believes very strongly that parents have a great role to play in whatever their children becomes in future.

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