Friday, 13 August 2021

"Forgive me, I went extreme to protect our party", Ayade's former aide who burnt alleged witches in Boki begs for peace"


Thomas Obi Tawo also known as General Iron who has committed several atrocities against humanity in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State has called for forgiveness, stating that he did all he did for the interest of his Party, the All Progressives Congress, APC. 

General Iron made this known in an open letter written to the Paramount Ruler of Boki Local Government Area where he pleaded for forgiveness stating that whatever issues he had can be settled as family. 

Recall that Thomas Tawo has constantly been on the news for the wrong reasons ranging from ceasing the Borum Palm Estate in Boki for personal use where many young persons who opposed him had been killed or maimed, burning of some aged persons in Boki claiming they were revealed to him in his dreams as witches, and the recent beating to coma of a former lawmaker. 

According to the letter, General Iron alleged that three of his houses and two vehicles have been destroyed by men of the Nigerian Army which he claimed invaded his Oku community carting away with lots of his money while leaving his wife and children homeless. 

The letter reads thus:


Your Royal Majesty, I SEEK FOR PEACE
My Royal father sir, following the political misunderstanding with my cousin , Hon. Mark Obi of PDP of which a group of Nigerian Army invaded Oku Community on 4th August, 2021 and destroyed my three houses, my two vehicles and went away with a lot of my money. Thereby, leaving my family members homeless.

1. I humbly seek for peace and beg on our senior uncle , General Moses Obi ( rtd) to kindly forgive me as his blood and younger cousin.

2. The Nigerian Army that have been drafted to Oku Community should please be withdrawn to allow us settle as a family and free movement of Oku people to go to their farms and normal businesses.

3. As a family, we disagree to agree.

4. Whoever I have offended in the past , I seek for forgiveness, because nobody is perfect except God. 

5. My Governor , His Excellency, Prof Ben Ayade, please forgive me as your son , if I went too extreme to protect our Party ( APC). Yes, you are a leader of honour that preaches politics with ethics. Through your leadership, you granted us amnesty 2018 and subsequently appointed me your Special Adviser on Forest Security . For the seek of my aged mother, my wife and children, please do not forsake me as your party loyalist who stood by you throughout the last general elections. Yes my Governor, you sacked and relieved me of my appointment, find a place in your heart and forgive me. My father who was a soldier died and left me at the age of 10 years as a farmer and hunter.

5. To my cousin's immediate family ( His wife and children ), please forgive me as blood is thicker than water. 
May God sooth our hearts with lasting peace and love.
Thank you.

Thomas Obi Tawo
a.k.a General Iron.
CC : Governor of CRS
*Gen.Mose Obi (rtd).           
*Dr. Pius Tawo .
*Boki Council Chairman.
*All Boki Political Stakeholders Both APC & PDP platforms.

Recall that the Cross River State Government had relieved Thomas Tawo of his appointment as Special Adviser on Forest Security, which was rumored to be connected to the beating of a former lawmaker and PDP stalwart, Hon. Mark Obi.