Sunday, 22 August 2021

"Help us realize our dreams too", C'River delisted C'servants cry out as HoS celebrate 36 years call to bar

The Cross River State Head of Service, Barr Mrs. Geraldine Akpet has been called upon to ensure some civil servants whose name were delisted from the state Civil service payroll are reinstated. 

This happened Sunday morning when the Head of Civil Service took to her Social Media handle to celebrate 36 years of her call to bar, while thanking God and her father who made it possible for her to go through the rigorous process of realizing her dreams of becoming a lawyer. 

Her post read thus:
"36 years ago. Thank you Lord. And thank you my darling father, Engr. Samuel Missang Obaji Akpet who encouraged and supported  me to realise my dreams." 

The post which saw Barr Geraldine share a picture of herself roped in the black and white gown of the legal profession while standing beside her father, received numerous comments and reactions from Cross Riverians who appreciated and congratulated her. 

But a comment from one Idiege Zik was outstanding as it wasn't a praise singing or congratulatory comment, rather it was a sincere plea from a broken heart. 

Idiege was more concern about achieving his aspirations as a young man whose dreams may have been cut short by the government of the day. Thus his plea. 

"Help us too to realize our career dreams as civil servants by assisting the 33 civil servants who in spite of their participation in personnel audit since last year but yet to be payroll. 
We are getting disillusioned and depressed everyday. What is our sin?"

It should be recalled that over 2500 civil servants where delisted from the payroll for close to two years before the intervention of governor Ben Ayade who asked that they be subjected to personnel audit and reinstated.

The exercise was carried out and they were reinstated as ordered by the governor. But Idiege's comment on the Head of Service post is a call for concern as he is claiming that over 33 of civil servants qualified even after the personnel audit are yet to be reinstated.

If Idiege's claim be true then something needs to be done urgently.