Friday, 13 August 2021

I am Poised to Building the Capacity of young C'Riverians to fit into Ayade’s prosperity Agenda - Ben Akak


Beatrice Akpala | 13 August 2021 

The Chairman Bengies Group Engr. Ben Akak has reiterated his Commitment to empower the youths of Cross River State through aggressive entrepreneurial development trainings to enable them fit into the prosperity agenda that has been laid down by the Ben Ayade led administration. 

He affirmed that the prosperity and entrepreneurial skills of young Cross Riverians should be a primary consideration for us to build a better Cross River State. He further noted that he is committed to touch lives by improving their standard of living in collaboration with government because every dispensation needs the support of the private sector to thrive. 

He revealed that the Ben Akak youth house initiative will be carried out with the aim of enhancing job creation, poverty reduction and income generation to help reduce overdependence  on government by the populace. Adding also that the Ben Akak  youth house concept will also help to reduce social vices such as internet fraud, armed robbery, kidnapping, prostitution, destitution, terrorism and political thuggery amongst others. He further avouched that every Country's growth and development depends on the level of resourcefulness of it's citizens, majorly the youths. 

According to him, there is no gainsaying the fact that entrepreneurship is the antidote to the unemployment problems in Cross River State and by extension Nigeria as a whole. He however noted that the Ben Akak youth house initiative will be geared towards supporting Governor Ben Ayade who has been so determined in the creation of sufficient job opportunities for the teeming unemployed youths of Cross River State to achieve his objective.

He posited that making youths to indulge in pro - social worthwhile and community based activities established and controlled by the youths enables them to acquire important skills, abilities and confidence that would help them to be more productive, healthy and independent. He reemphasized that the provision of the enabling and secured  environment for youths to gain employment for sustained economic growth and development will be tantamount to building the Cross River State of our dream. 

He called on parents, guidance, care givers and the entire society to be intentional about dissuading the youths on the get-rich quick syndrome that has invaded our landscape by engaging them in value reorientation and to create more awareness on enterprise development that will bring about positive change and economic diversification. 

Engr. Akak urged the young people to make themselves relevant if they hope to sustain the narrative that has been created by the Ben Ayade led Administration for many generations to come.