Friday, 13 August 2021

IYD 2021: "I am Nigeria, I'm Ready to run" Young Nigerian pens Touching words to celebrate Youths

Bassey Bassey, a recipient of the prestigious presidential award for Corp members 

I am the sign of hope for our nation.
I am the positive change she yearns to have, in fact I'm the best thing that has happened to her because I am to improve on the achievements of her heroes past and to ensure their labour does not go in vain. I think I deserve to be called Nigeria, yes you should call me Nigeria for I have the highest population size.

I am the strength of her systems, the driver of innovations, creativity and achievements. The Creator Himself calls me the light of Nigeria and I have shun my light time and times over.

Don't be mistaken by all the things am going through to thinking I don't have what it takes to lead. I may not look like a leader at the moment but be rest assured I am. For even gold does not look precious in it's raw state but when refined some kill to have it. To be a successful leader is not easy you can attest to that because you have your own story, so give me a chance.

I made my presentation very politely and you agreed with me that I am not too young to run, just before I was done celebrating that you truly had my interest at heart. You increased the cost of purchasing tickets without considering my financial capacity. 

You are bent on ensuring I don't have legs so I don't have to run to anywhere. This is your strategy to keep me down and out. I have unraveled your plans and now your are itching to know who I am.
Let me save you the stress by introducing myself. I am the Youths of Nigeria and I have risen.
Risen? Yes, you heard me right 
Risen from my sleep and slumber to creative thinking hard work and determination. 

Risen from ignorance to acquiring knowledge and 21st Century skills that will strategically position me for productivity.
Risen to challenge negative stereotype and corrupt practices in my community.
Risen from obscurity and all forms of backwardness which you had systematically placed on me because you are threatened by my existence to becoming captain of industries and employer of labour.

I have risen, it is a new day for me to take my rightful place at the table in all sectors in Nigeria, to bring the desired positive development to my communities. I have made up my mind to join the race. I am not too young to run. I have a mandate tied to my DNA and it is to rebuild the places you destroyed by your actions and inactions. I am a Nehemiah. I am ready to rebuild Nigeria.

Happy International Youth Day.