Wednesday, 15 September 2021

13 Predictions about Gov Ayade in 2019, see how many have come to pass


As Governor Ben Ayade's tenure  gradually winds down, a Cross River State blogger and public affairs analyst, Ukorebi Esien takes a retrospective look into 13 Predictions he made sometime 2019 few months after the governor was sworn into office to begin the second lap of his 8 years gubernatorial bid. 

Ukorebi had rolled out a 13 point prediction as it relates to the governor's second term and political future, the blogger who also penned down some suggestions to the Governor amongst other things predicted the return of almost all of the Governor's appointees and that before 2023, governor Ben Ayade will make a political blunder that will cost him the blessing of planting a successor except he retraces his steps. 

Read the predictions in full: 


As the Oracle let me look into the future of this present administration and tell you some of the things that might likely happen based on the body languages of the governor and some persons very close to him.

1. Expect the return of the Spirit of Enterprise. It might not be in the form of logo replacement but anyhow, that slogan, color or logo will be returned.

2. I see a Chris Agara posturing or attempting to contest that is if he doesn't actually contest for the highest political sit in the state.

3. Despite the hands-on the plow declaration of the governor as the policy thrust of his second administration, I hardly see anything different from his first term, because he will surely repeat well over 80% of his previous commissioners. There maybe no food on the table and certainly hands on no plough . 

4. Should the Same set of commissioners be returned in the same ministries, then expect mass looting? Because that will definitely be their take-home pay. 

5. The appointment of Mr. John Ada who is likely from Obudu as the state surveyor General and the posting of  Surveyor Eyo Oku to state border commission is a deliberate plot to amass state land for personal use while the brotherly surveyor-general Is there to legalize it. 

6. I see more formidable and united south for the actualization of the southern agenda. And this unity may likely cut across party lines.

7. Ayade will likely make a serious political blunder, a mistake or miscalculation that may deny him a successor. But will only finally succumb to stronger forces lying in wait for him. 

8. This blunder may lead to his probe after office. 

9. His return to the Senate will be strongly opposed especially by his own people. 

10. In the process of choosing his successor, the governor will be betrayed. Especially by his trusted allays from the South. 

11. Superhighway and deep seaport have ended. You will never hear the governor talk about it neither will they see the light of the day.

12. Frustration and strong opposition will make the governor want to behave like a tyrant. But he will fail.

13. Except the governor stays far away from certain influences, and attitudes I see no difference between his first and second term. 

Somebody rightly puts it this way, " by 2023, There will be no State for the next governor to govern". 


The governor should return executive council meetings and make it regular. Allow his commissioners to input ideas and suggestions. 

He should separate family from governance.

He should forbid praise singing. And do away with all butt leakers.

Monthly Security Council Meetings should be returned, with accurate intelligence gathering and sharing. The security chiefs in the state should be allowed freedom to do their work, without politics interferences. They should mobilised too.

All known strong men should not be appointed into offices. They should go and do farm work with their strength. Zero tolerance should be maintained in practice not in words.

Seek and accept professional advice. Play politics with politics when politics comes. And take governance serious. He should learn to separate, politic from governance.

Make good use of his new religious office by seeking the good of the people at all time not his personal or family good.

The governor should also allow free press, shouldn't gag the press. They are not enemies but partners in progress to always bring him back on track when he seems to derail. 

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