Friday, 3 September 2021

Lethal Violence on the rise across Niger Delta says P4P, calls on stakeholders in C'River to act fast

 Partners for Peace, also known as P4P, a leading Peace Building Network across the Niger Delta region of Nigeria has said that the second quarter of 2021 experienced an increase in lethal violence in the region. 

According to a report published in its website, the Peace Building cum Conflict Management Network reported that data uploaded to its conflicts tracker indicates that criminality, ethno-national separatist agitation, land disputes, communal conflict, and clashes between cult gangs were the leading causes of lethal violence during the period under review. 

The reports stated that it recorded significant changes in the dynamics of peace and conflict in the region in the second quarter compared to its first quarter report, stating that these changes were as a result of increase in lethal violence and conflict fatalities, driven by the outbreak of additional conflict issues and the emergence of new conflict actors and drivers.

The report reads below:

Meanwhile, the Cross River State Chapter of Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta has called on members of all waring communities in the state to shield their sword and embrace peace as this is the only way meaningful development can be accessed. 

This was contained in a new month message signed by the state Coordinator, Mr. Ukorebi Esien. According to the statement, all stakeholders in state need to act fast to ensure Cross remains that peaceful state it was once known for and that no community that is at war with itself or another community can boost of any meaningful development. 

P4P members in a meeting with some stakeholders 

Mr. Ukorebi informed that Cross River is plagued with various level of crisis cutting across the 18 Local Government Areas. "There's hardly any community in Cross River State that is not currently going through or managing a crisis ranging from communal war, cult clash, family/land disputes, kinship dispute, political violence etc. And these has in a very big way affected development in these communities because no right thinking government will want to site a project or carryout its programs in wartorn communities"

"As Peace advocates we are calling on government and all security apparatus in the state to partner with us as we are available to provide technical and any other form of support to ensure peace is restored in Cross River State." He concluded. 

The state Coordinator Mr. Ukorebi Esien informed this News House that the Cross River State Chapter of Partners for Peace is currently intervening in the Erie Crisis in Biase LGA and the Bahumono crisis with emphasis on the Ebom Ebijakara crisis and plans are on the way to celebrate this year's edition of World Peace Day. 

Members of Partners for Peace in the Niger Delta, Cross River State in a Advocacy Meeting with Hon. Ogbo of Cross River State House of Assembly.