Friday, 1 October 2021

How Ayade used Ekpenyong to frustrate C'River chances of heading Sports Federations in Nigeria


National Table Tennis Federation, NTTF (Elections) ended in Fiasco as Rt. Hon Orok Duke, Edo, Rivers and Akwa Ibom State delegates,abstain from voting staged a walk out  as Mr Ekanem Ekpenyong,Ayade's representative was nearly lynched as he collected 2 million naira, went and voted against Cross River state candidate.

The Moshood Abiola National stadium was sparked up when the Table Tennis fraternity came together to elect zonal chairmen for the Federation. During accreditation, one Ekanem Ekpenyong, the State Chairman  of Cross River state Basketball Federation emerged with a letter from the sport commission introducing himself as a representative of Tennis state Association and announced to the accreditation officers, that he got instruction from Governor Ayade to come to Abuja to "block" Hon Orok Duke..despite Chief Orok Duke,being  the last man from  Cross River state standing Federation  election. 

This pronouncement sparked heavy argument and altecations as Ekanem was roundly rough-handled by delegates and Cross Riverians living in Abuja, that were pissed  by this level and display of treachery and betrayal. The delegates were wondering as a man that has nothing to do with table tennis should be a delegate to an election of table tennis Federation. 

Ekanem also added that he has the instruction from the governor to stop  Chief Orok Duke as an aspirant and delegate. What amazed all, was the electoral  committee taking verbal instruction from Mr. Ekanem Ekpenyong.
His trouble grew when he instructed  the police  and other security men to send table tennis  enthusiasts who came to witness the election away from the venue that there are PDP members who refused to defect, that the governor is not happy  with them including Chief Orok Otu Duke. This got the enthusiasts angered as he was roughly manhandled  and handed over to the police from Wuye police Division. After two hours, Ekanem Ekpenyong was back from the police with different letters of support for a Bayelsa aspirant and another introducing another representative/delgate from Edo who is pro the Bayelsan candidate while he insisted that Chief Orok Duke accreditation  should be cancelled on the ground that is not endorsed  by Cross River state government,.

It may intrestyou to know that Chief Orok Duke is the  sitting chairman of the South South zone who is seeking  re-election.
Efforts were made to reach the governor of Edo state to authenticate the delegates letter which is valid, but the Edo state governor  didn't take his calls. 

But in another twist Governor  Ben Ayade, completely denied Ekanem Ekpenyong and his activities. " I'm not that petty Orok Duke" he added while on phone as Ekanem kept on shouting, 

"I'm here on Governor's instruction. My Governor will not spent a dime on table tennis  and sports if Orok Duke should  emerged". 

This melodrama caused the authentic delegates to walk out as Ekanem casted his vote for a Bayelsa man to head the zonal table tennis body. 

What a height of batrayal, as Cross river state has no representative in the 36 sports in the country.
You could recall that this same Ekanem Ekpenyong as the team manager of Rovers was fingered in football match fixing involving Rovers Fc and Akwa United in 2009 The match ended 13-0 in favour of Akwa United to gain promotion to the Premier devision while Rovers Fc was relegated to the lower division. This event culminated in his ban by Chief Onyuiki Obaseki led NFA committtee- vanguard Newspaper 2nd July, 2009. 

Twelve years after the Judas struck. again. 

Chief Orok Duke surprisingly took the whole drama with philosophical calmness and equanimity as he intervened and saved Ekanem from being  lynched by Cross Riverian  and table tennis enthusiasts in after doing the hatchet job in  Abuja.

Francis Etang,