Monday, 4 October 2021

If I were Vena: Political Enthusiast Sends Open Letter to C'River PDP State Chairman, Advises Him on 2023 Elections

A Political enthusiast and sympathiser of the People's Democratic Party in Cross River State, simply identified as Vicky Stability Amiokam has sent an open letter to the newly sworn in State Chairman of the PDP in the state, Barr Venatius Ikem. 

In her letter published on Facebook, Amiokam said advised Ikem to summon an emergency general meeting of the party across the 196 wards of the state with the aim of evaluating the strength of the party as she approaches the 2023 general elections. 

She suggested that logistics of the meeting should be sponsored by the richest and influential member of the party in each ward. And that the activities of the meeting be recorded. According to her the recordings will be played and analyzed by members of the state Exco and Stakeholders. 

Amiokam's post reads in full:

If I am vena Ikem

No, that does not sound sweet, 


I will immediately call an emergency general ward meeting that will take place in all the 196 wards at the same time. The logistics which will be sacrificial should be organized by the highest party stakeholders in that ward.

The meeting, its agenda, and all activities are to be recorded and the video sent to the state headquarters.

The objective, purpose, statement of the problem,  significance, and basic assessment of the video will be analyzed by experts with a focus to.....

1; to access  the party  readiness to handle political emergencies at the ward level since all politics is local

2: to determine the real "man Friday" in each ward and to identify leadership skills of the wards chairmen

3, to investigate the level of tolerance, disagreement, unity, and strength in each ward 

4; To verify if each ward have an official administrative space

And above all, to find alternative and proactive solutions  to 1, 2,3, and 4 in situations where the results are unfavorable  

With that, I have set the ball rolling for we say..., ." all politics is local.


I am not the CRS PDP CHAIRMAN and it won't seat well for me to advise a man that just outsmarted the self-acclaimed smartest governor of our time,  pushing him out of the umbrella in a rainy season.

Therefore, this is just a loud thought and a follow-up to my series "OUR CHAIRMAN: VENA IKEM".

I said the zobo will be tasty, how does this one taste my people?