Friday, 8 October 2021

PDP C'River Congress, Why Every Voter Should be Worried


It is no longer news that the People's Democratic Party just concluded their state congress; setting the roadmap for the party's readiness for the forthcoming general elections.

Of course, there were identifiable portholes in processes of the said congress; typically congresses in a political setting is to elect leaders to filled political offices as recognized by the said party's constitution.
Congress offers political parties the opportunity of institutionalizing democracy within the party system.
The aftermath of the People's Democratic Party just concluded congress is indicative of a greater departure from the true democratic tenets.

Congresses also offer political parties the opportunity to demonstrate to the general public their readiness and willingness to abide by the principles of true democracy.

Keen observers will agree that the PDP congress was just a mere charade.
A charade show put together by godfathers just to unveil their puppets.
How can a party promise automatic tickets to all candidates seeking to occupy positions in the party, giving out direct threats to any perceived stubborn members; media reports have it that even the elected state chairman of the party, two weeks to the congress called and accused a fellow aspirant to the office of the state chairman; as being too stubborn. Of course; the said aspirant's stepping down came just after the rebuke with further promise of juicy contracts.

One cannot forget in a hurry how the elected chairman of the PDP, who just returned to the party; after he failed to secure automatic ticket for the post of the state chairman of the strongest and biggest political party in the state.
Let's we forget, the current state chairman of the People's Democratic Party left another political party in the state, just because other members aspiring to the same office he was interested in; refused to step down for him to be the sole candidate.
Can the process that birthed the chairman of the party be termed as a Democratic process?

Can the people of Cross River State trust the People's Democratic Party with their votes come 2023? It is a general opinion within political circles that the party has lost its glory in the state. The general public now sees the PDP as a gathering of hungry political godfathers; only interested in sharing the Commonwealth of the state between themselves, whilst building up castles for their generations.
The people are sick and tired of having old wine in old bottles.

Cross Riverians deserves a new political paradigm shift, that can ensure a better life for the generality of citizens.
Cross River State, as a state cannot afford to play bad politics again, the state must realign to the center.
Our glorious days came when we were better aligned with the center. The failure of the People's Democratic Party in the state is of epic proportions, sixteen years of growth in just one sector of the state's economy. Where do we go from here as a people and as a state?

The answer lies in what we do now; as we approach the 2023 general elections.

Anselm Agbo, a public affairs analyst writes from Abuja