Thursday, 11 November 2021

C'River 2023: Group Warns against Betrayal, says South won't Sacrifice Competence over Zoning

A Pro-Southern Senatorial District group in Cross River State whose main goal is given to the development of  Southern part of the state, known as Cross River State Southern Senatorial District Assembly has lend its voice in the continuous agitation for zoning and power rotation in the state.

According to a statement issued by the group and signed by its Chief of Party, Mr. John Offiong, the group stated in clear terms that it will not condole any form of betrayal and backstabbing from Southern political leaders as they approach the 2023 General Elections. Adding that the South is ready and prepared to take her turn as Zoning and rotational politics allows for fairness and equity. 

The statement further noted that, in as much as it is backing zoning, the South will not for anything compromise on qualitative leadership as Southern Cross River Senatorial District Assembly will only support a credible candidate that will lift the state out of obscurity. 

The statement reads in full:

Cross River Southern Senatorial District Assembly wishes to heartily congratulate Leaders of the 7 Southern LGAs, support and pressure groups, individuals and elder statesmen from other Senatorial Districts who turned out in their numbers to unanimously speak in support of the Back to South campaign as well as to validate the Calabar - Ogoja accord on the "Calabar Declaration" of 5th. Of November 2021.
As a sociopolitical group given to infrastructural and human capital development as well as the political emancipation of Southern Cross River, we put forth this congratulatory message believing so much that as a people we have spoken with one voice and in unison devoid of sentiment, betrayal and backstabbing. 

We also believe that the Calabar Declaration as put forth by the Cross River Southern Coalition has sent its message across party lines and across the state, that Cross River South is ready, prepared, and equipped to ensure power returns to the Southern Senatorial District come 2023.
We shall not pretend like we aren't aware of recent talks and criticism against rotational or zoning politics with a grand plot to undo the South. 

In all these, one thing is certain, the South has always been known as a peace-loving people, which we will continue to be but we are reassuring anybody who wants to ride on our peaceful disposition to have his way at our detriment, that the South will unite in totality against such person(s) who believes truncating the efforts made so far to deliver a Southern Governor come 2023 is his sole mission. 

We want to reiterate our commitment and support to the statement of the youths of Cross River State who have demonstrated a high level of responsibility by vehemently stating in clear terms that they are in total support of the Calabar declaration and believe that no southerner will go against the wish of the seven local governments of the south which is Power returning back to the south come 2023 

Only recently, Cross River social media space has been occupied with arguments and counter-arguments on zoning and rotational politics with many persons speaking from both sides of their mouth. It is embarrassing that some political and traditional leaders would seek zoning when it so favours them and would call for a free for all when its not of their interest. What would be said of a man who is agitating for the Cross River Central Senatorial ticket to rest in old Obubra in a bid to feed his political interest and at the same time kicking against zoning the gubernatorial office to the South with the flimsy excuse of searching for competence?

Also, in 2015 a certain senator had strongly fought for and pleaded that for the sake of equity and fair play, the North should produce the governor of the state and in less than one political dispensation, he is now gunning for an all-comers affair.

Let it be noted, that just before the last general election, the leaders of the Northern Senatorial district had come to the South to canvas for support for the North to finish their term and we in the South with all sincerity supported them with an agreement that power will shift back to the South come 2023.  

We wouldn't say it is surprising, rather it is shameful that we have leaders who cannot stand for the truth but will always want to shape it to feed their lustful greed and personal aggrandizement. The ability to continually tell your followers the truth not minding if it favors your ambition or not is one of the traits of a good leader. 

At this juncture, we want to emphasize that in as much as we are calling for a southern governor come 2023, it should be noted that the south will not sacrifice competence on the altar of zoning. The South has credible and qualified persons that will pilot the affairs of this state and take it to its destination. 

We therefore once again call on all Cross Riverians across party lines and senatorial districts to support the south towards producing the next governor that will lift our dear state out of obscurity. 

Long live Cross River Southern Senatorial District Assembly!!!
Long live Southern Cross River State!!! 
Long live Cross River State!!! 

John Offiong 
Chief of Party