Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Odukpani Local Government Boss, Conferred With Chieftaincy Title in Efik Kingdom, see Pictures


It is often said that when a Child's hands are clean, he dines with the Elders. This was exactly the case for Hon. Amb. Justina Edem, Chairman of Odukpani Local Government Council who was recently honored with a Chieftaincy tittle for her numerous contributions to the growth and sustainability of the Efik culture and traditions. 

In an event well attended by well meaning Nigerians and Cross Riverians alike, Hon. Justina and her Husband, Mr. Edem were conferred with Chieftaincy titles as chiefs of the Eyamba Royal House. 

It was a beautiful sight to behold, a display of culture and splendor as people from all walks of life, both well wishers and son/daughters of Efik Kingdom thronged the historic "Anwa Nyoro" of King Eyamba House to witness the Conferment of Chieftaincy titles on eminent personalities who have contributed to the development of the Eyamba Royal House in positive ways.

It was a sort of mini carnival that showcased the rich Efik culture as friends, colleagues, students, and other groups accompanied with their cultural display entertained guests.

The event which began with the coronation of Etubom Adam Efa J. Eyamba (xvii) as the Etubom of Eyamba Royal House cumulated into the conferment of Chieftaincy titles to deserving sons and daughters of the Efik Kingdom which the Chairman, Odukpani Local Government Area and her beloved husband were among those honored with Etubom Tony Ani serving as Chairman of the day. 

Chief Mrs. Justina Edem, Executive Chairman of Odukpani Local Government Area has displayed so much commitment and passion to the job with several track records to her name. She is said to be instrumental to the peaceful resolution of many of the communal crisis that had befallen the local government. 

Currently the Council Secretariat wears a new look couple with the monthly sanitation exercise she introduced. Chief Justina has been said to be one of the best things that has happened to the Local Government Area in recent times. 

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