Sunday, 7 November 2021

Duke Town Secondary School Old Students Class of 1999 Rejuvenates Dilapidated School Laboratory, Hold Talks With Students


Past Students of Duke Town Secondary School in Calabar under the umbrella of Duke Town Secondary School Old Students Association Class of 1999 over the week unveiled their project for 2021 which is geared towards giving the science Laboratory of their Alma Mata a new look. 

The  event which saw the past students donating sets of laboratory tables and seats with other items needed to have a well equipped and functional science laboratory also witnessed the presentation of Several Dozens of Branded Exercise Books and other writing materials to the students while the teachers were given Branded Long notes for their lesson notes. 

The event which also featured talks and presentations on Child Abuse, Career Choice, Personal Hygiene and Development got the students elated and motivated as they took turns to expressed gratitude for the kind gesture. 

In his remarks, Chief Akiba Ekpenyong, the project Coordinator, said the donation was made available via contributions from class of 1993 of the school made up of those admitted in 1993, those admitted in any year but graduated in 1999 and those admitted in 1993 (irrespective of finishing in the school or not). 

He also emphasized that the main purpose of the association was to give back to the school and the main mantra that birthed its formation was unity and partnership through projects that will provide conducive learning environments and experiences for students. 

Akiba informed that over the years the association had carried out several projects which in recent times included the erecting of a new signpost for the school at the school entrance with others at Johnstone/Edgerton and Ekeng Ewa/Calabar Road, stating that the association also took it upon itself to continually maintain those projects till date. The group had also over the years engaged the students through various empowerment seminars and workshops aimed at shaping their lives.

The project coordinator, also used the opportunity to invite final year students to join the association while advising them to be focused, resilient and committed to studies. 

Ekpenyong's address reads in parts:

"To the students here, starts now to build a bridge of love, don't allow your parents socio-economic level to affect you.
Don't compete with your friends materially but educationally. Give a helping hand to your friend because the friend you see as poor today could become more important than you tomorrow. Allow your friend to join you in your photo session because you'll need them tomorrow, I am talking from experience. We are achieving this today because we earned love, respect and trust amongst ourselves.

We sacrificed our pleasure for you. I want to inform you that a greater number of those in my set who enjoyed violence, bullying are not alive today so refrain .
To the Presbyterian Mission who owns this school, it is a slap and an embarrassment to come here and see our once cherished school reduced to what we have seen here today. We are pained to see the decay in the infrastructure of this school but I'll leave you to your conscience.

I thank you so much for coming out here today to witness this event, we believe that education remains the greatest investment anyone can bequeath to his/her child hence this project today.
Please, kindly ensure you take good care of these projects we are handing over to you."