Sunday, 7 November 2021

Pupolar Efik Radio presenter and MC Murdered in Calabar

Information reaching our newsdesk has it that a popular Efik Master of Ceremonies and radio presenter, Itiat Zion has been murdered by unidentified persons.

Itait Zion who runs a popular Efik program, "Uwem Ye Ido" on FAD 93.1 FM Calabar along side Koko dear until his death anchors major Efik traditional marriages among other events where he entertained his audience using Efik.

According to sources, Itait Zion who met his untimely death yesterday, close to a popular hotel located along the Murtala Mohamed highway, was waiting by the roadside to get a vehicle back home, when his assailants came out of a vehicle and butchered him.

"the boys just came out from a vehicle and butchered him to death" a close source told this paper.

According to his colleague and popular Efik MC, Koko Dear, who said he was the one who went and picked his corpse to the morgue, his death is believed to be that of a mistaken Identity.