Wednesday, 10 November 2021

The Desperation of Sen. Sandy Onor is the Beginning of Wisdom for C'Riverians

It is no news that the battle for the soul of Cross River State is on and many politicians and their affiliates are beginning to jostle for one political office or the other. 

As we head to 2023 General Elections, one political office that has attracted so much concern and divergent views is the number one office in the state. Many especially those from the Southern region the state believe it is the turn of the South to produce the next Governor of the state while scattered opinions are raising from those opposing the views held by the Southerners. 

Where majority of Cross Riverians are saying the rotational/zoning politics backed by the Calabar - Ogoja accord of 1980 should be sustained and used in the implementation of the 2023 General Elections in the state. This they argue will ensure equal and equitable distribution of power across the 3 Senatorial District of the State. Others are of the opinion that since the three Senatorial District have all had a short at the number one seat in the state, 2023 should be a free for all fight where any district who wins begins the new rotational circle. 

There seem to be another set of persons who believe zoning or rotational politics shouldn't be practiced as it hasn't done the state any good but harm. 

In all these views except the views supporting the southern agenda, one figure stands tall behind them. It is obvious and unarguable that Senator Sandy Onor wants to be governor of Cross River State by all means, be through the back door or via the windows, he doesn't care. All he is interested about is the fact that he must be governor. 

This excessive crave and gluttonous desire for power has seen him done all manner of things and made several statements directly or via his spokes persons. 

Onor via the DG of his Caterpillar Movement had once claimed that zoning isn't constitutional and as such should not be considered as we approach 2023 gubernatorial elections, forgetting that Chapter 1 section 7(c)  of the PDP's constitution, the APC's constitution and even the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria supports rotational politics and zoning of sensitive offices. 

When confronted with facts and history in support of zoning Onor diverted from constitutional correctness of zoning to the inactive nature of the Calabar-Ogoja Accord. Upon the revalidation of the Calabar - Ogoja accord via the Calabar Declaration held in Calabar days back, in an event put together by Cross River South Coalition that was well attended by well-meaning Cross Riverians across the three Senatorial Districts. Our beloved Senator has now shifted grounds. 

Going by recent statements credited to Sandy Onor, it is a clear indication that the Etung born Politician who recently for the sake of politics has remembered his mother's home, is seriously desperate and he is ready to anything, including changing his name and history in order to clinch to power. 

Sen Sandy, had during an event put together to honor the Late Ntufam Patrick Oquagbor, the Ndidem of the Qua and Royal Patriarch of the Ejagham Nation, opined that "assuming, but not conceding, that the next Governorship of the State was an exclusive right of  Southern Senatorial District, then, he is as well, eminently qualified to run because his mother is biologically from Akamkpa Local Government Area in the Southern Senatorial District! Sen. Sandy elaborated that this political dimension was a given, because both the  Efik and Ejagham - as well as many other nationalities of Cross River State - are matrilineal in inheritance, thus placing mother as pre-eminent!"

If it be true that Senator Sandy indeed made those statements or statements relating to them, then Cross Riverians have to be weary of a man who can betray even his history in exchange for power. 

It thus means that Sandy has come face to face with and accepted the truth that power must return to the South thus he now playing the Southern and matrilineal card after failing to scale through with the sentimental Ejagham nation card. 

It is on this note that I want to advise Cross Riverians especially the teeming youths to be weary of persons who will try to sweet tongue them into believing in his candidacy without showcasing prudence, character a strong measure of believe in the unity and oneness of Cross River State where every Senatorial District should be evenly given a chance to sit at the top. 

For the sake of fairness and equity, no Senatorial District should be kept out of power for more than a period of 16 years. If Sandy and his cohorts from Central are allowed to take this shot a generational political genocide would have been executed. A young person from Central Senatorial District who's between the ages of 18 and 35 would have been ripe and matured by all standards to be governor of Cross River State in 10 years from now when the pendulum falls to the central district. But if Sandy and his fellow travelers are allowed, many of these dreams would be killed and buried in the greedy ambition of one man who has been many things, politically in this state and country. 

For the avoidance of doubt, the South is not in any way asking for an all southern affairs neither is the South saying it will sacrifice competence at the alter of zoning. All we are asking for is support from other Senatorial Districts to give to Cross the best of our bests sons/daughters that will lead the state out of obscurity. 

Effiom Asuquo
Armstrong Association; Southern Cross River