Thursday, 30 December 2021

Bassey Geshom, Otu, Eyo Ita, others fingered in Ayade's alleged N100b Loot

Cross Riverians woke yesterday to a story on alleging that the state governor, Ben Ayade used close friends, family members and relatives to loot the state of well over N100b. 

According to, the loot occurred between 2015 the very year Ayade took over office and 2021. The paper revealed that it carried out investigations and unraveled grave fraud and multiple looting of state resources using three major companies and some of the transactions involved some notable names in the state. 

What is more confusing is if these names are mere resemblance or coincidence as they are similar with names of notable politicians and their wives in Cross River State. 

For instance, the paper revealed that names such as Geshom Bassey, Chioma & Geshom O. Bassey, Henry Geshom B., Mr & Mrs Geshom Henshaw, Bassey Geshom Otu, Eyo Eyo Ita etc  are among notables names that have been recurrent decimals in questionable transactions.

In fact, the paper reveals that some of the names and transactions present themselves as mere fronts for money laundering,  the document revealed.

According to the paper, "For example, the document revealed that on 18 June, 2015, Henry Gershom B., through account No. 00016454833 in Access Bank, received N200 Million, and on 19 June, 2015 transferred N160 Million to CACHEZ TURNKEY from the same account.On 06/08/2019, the same account received the sum of N250 Million which was serially disbursed to other Accounts in the Access Bank."

The paper also revealed a shocking transaction where  37 different cheques were issued to Eyo Eyo Ita, in 2018, through Account No. 1014841335 in Zenith Bank.

Indeed the revelations are grave but what we don't seem to understand is the relationship between the governor and some of the names mentioned in this fraud. 

For instance, The name Geshom Bassey easily resonates with the senator representing Southern Senatorial District in the Red Chambers of the National Assembly. A devoted, committed and foundation member of the People's Democratic Party. Bassey is currently eyeing the number one seat in the state under the platform of the PDP. 

Another name mentioned in the fraud is Chioma. And in Cross River State the name Dr. Chioma Geshom is linked to wife of the distinguish Senator Gershom Bassey. 

Geshom Bassey and Ayade had been close in those days when the governor was still a member of the People's Democratic Party. In fact in the later days of the governor in the PDP, especially during his turbulent in house, fighting with members of the National Assembly from the state, it was rumored that Sen. Geshom was sympathic to the governor and was caught in between following his colleagues and the governor. Left for him alone he would have taken the governor's side but the pressure overwhelmed him. 

Who knows maybe his financial involvement with Ayade might have been the reason of his secret romance with the governor.  Also Read:

Yet another name is Eyo Eyo Ita. This paper is still not sure who this person might be, the only person closely linked with that name is the late Professor Eyo Ita.