Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Lagos based Techie, Justus Inspire Draws Great Lessons as Jack Dorsey Steps Down as Twitter CEO

A Lagos based user experience designer and business growth strategist, Justus Inspire has called on Nigerian startups and budding entrepreneurs to learn some lessons from the recent news of Jack Dorsey' decision to step down as Twitter's CEO. 

Justus who made this known in a post he made on Facebook, said African entrepreneurs should go into business with the mindset of building businesses that will eventually become global brands and outlive them. 

He also wondered why most business founders now handover their businesses to Indian grown entrepreneurs? 

The post reads in full:

Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter today steps down as Ceo as his Chief technology officer, Paraq Agrawal, takes over effectively as the new CEO of Twitter. 

While this news is greeted with mixed feelings from different people, here is what I want to say- 

I think his email announcing his decision to step down is filled with great lessons for entrepreneurs to learn. 

Your goal is to build a company that becomes global and can go on to thrive without you. You should always build with that in mind as it will help you start planning your succession from day one by raising great men and women around you. It's not a sole vision but an institutional vision that will leave and succeed beyond you. 

The new CEO, Paraq Agrawal started his career with Twitter 10 years ago just as a software developer and today he is the CEO of the company. 
In his email to Twitter employees, he thanked Jack for his mentorship over the years, which speaks to my point of raising men. 

Another point to note is we have seen a trend of tech leaders, deciding to step down and leave the company they started year's ago for others to come in and run the affairs from Bill gates,  Larry, Sergey, Bezos, Travis and now Jack. 
But one interesting thing is, the majority of them, handed over the role of CEOs to those who grew up in India.

It shows the quality of tech talents, India has produced in the tech industry. India has been powering tech talent globally for a long time and Nigeria is coming soon.