Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Unveiling Ben Akak, the Political David in the Midst of Goliaths

Cross River State is on the march again towards the 2023 general elections. An array of so called political bigwigs have thrown their hats, or are about to do so, into the gubernatorial ring. Some of them have started going round the State while some are still planning and strategising  before unveiling themselves. One common denominator is that most of the names, both those out in the open and those being whispered are all flaunting their political credentials, some seemingly intimidating, others not quite so.

Enter Ben Etim Akak. An accomplished engineer and entrepreneur who has built a thriving business for himself. He is noted for uncommon philanthropy in these parts of Nigeria. Until about two years ago, many considered him an unknown political quantity. Most political analysts tend to make copious reference to him as a political neophyte. However, it is this status that many see as a disadvantage that is actually a huge advantage for this young visionary from Odukpani LGA. Everyone has a starting point in politics as no one was born a political Colossus.

The Biblical account of David and Goliath is one of the most popular stories from Scripture. It is a lesson of courage, faith, and overcoming what seems impossible. This story best describes Ben Akak and the 2023 governorship race in Cross River State. In less than two years, Engr. Akak has endeared himself to a significant population of Cross Riverians. His unique selling points are:
1. He is very clear and focused on what his main policy thrusts will be and is not befuddled by attachments and relationships that potentially create predetermined mindsets.
2. He is infectiously passionate about sustaining the gains of previous governments while supporting that with creating strong governance institutions, entrepreneurship and private sector development, improving the quality of the human capital as well as designing and entrenching a good leadership recruitment model.
3. He is untainted by any political scandal and believes in playing politics the Godly way by letting God take the lead. He does not agree that politicians must be desperate for positions while also insisting that we must always show respect elders as well as one another.
4. Being untainted and unattached has made it easy for him to build bridges across the political landscape of Cross River State transcending partisanship and different demographics. His amiable, simple and honest disposition makes it easy to trust him.
5. As an entrepreneur, he has not depended on government money for survival like most of the aspirants who have been in the corridors of power since 1999 and are wholly dependent on government for survival. Akak on the other hand is a value creator - providing needed services to the people and creating wealth in the process. A truly self-made man. So our commonwealth will be safe under his watch.
6. A team player who is able to mix it with the different leadership leanings of Cross River State. He does not believe that he is all knowing. Thus past leaders can be comfortable knowing that they will get a listening ear from a Governor Ben Akak.
7. The world has moved and is still moving on. Ben Akak is coming with fresh, dynamic, 21st century ideas to confront our contemporary challenges. majority of the contenders are known to be stuck in their archaic ways of thinking. 

Ben Akak has approached his aspiration with uncommon courage and strong faith in God Almighty and as a result will overcome that which seems impossible in the minds of detractors. A fresh beginning is possible in Cross River State. Be a part of the journey of possibilities.