Monday, 31 January 2022

Ayade's Industries and the Future of Cross River State, The Governor we Deserve

Asuquo Cletus Felix | 31 January 2022 

As the Political climate of Cross River State takes a new turn, ushering in a new era, a dispensation where Cross Riverians will breath fresh air with an assuring economic growth and social integration, the state needs a man who will sit at the helms of affairs to pilot and harvest the dividends of Industrialisation ushered in by the Ayade's led administration. 

It is no news to say that the Ayade's led administration has if not for anything opened up Cross River State for economic boom, as it has ushered in what could be called the 2nd Industrial Revolution after the 1762 to 1840 Industrial revolution that shaped the world. Indeed this revolution inspired by deep thoughts will have a no little impact on the economic growth of Nigeria, Africa and other continents of the world. This will be triggered in Cross River State's, Nigerian's first Capital city, with all thanks to the foresightedness and liberal mindedness of Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade who in spite of all the attacks, gossips, side talks and Social Media dragging and bullying was focused, determined and persistent in Industrializing the state. 

With over 30 industries cited across the state where all the 18 Local Government Areas of the state can boast of not less than 2 industries each, Cross River State will need an experience hand, a technocrats and a leading resource management expert like Elder Prof. Chief Eyo Etim Nyong to coordinate the potentials of these industries while harvesting its benefits for the overall good and economic development of the state. If well harnessed, the well thought out industries brought to bare by the digitally minded governor of Cross River, Sir Benedict Ayade is capable of launching Cross River State amongst the comity of nations that are economically viable to control economic activities of other nations If well harnessed. Ayade's industrial revolution in Cross River State will place  Cross River on a pedestal to compete favorably with world powers because of its economic potentials. 

A Professor of Petroleum Geology who has consulted for many international companies, governments both at home and abroad, Eyo Etim Nyong brought his intellectual prowess on economic growth and nation building to the fore when he developed a master plan to drive the functionality of The Niger Development Commission, NDDC. The master plan was to provide policies and strategic frameworks for an inclusive and sustainable development of the entire Niger Delta region.

 After a successful development of the master plan, the then President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, excited by the contents of the blueprint recommended Prof. Nyong to be engaged as a consultant of the commission to help drive the implementation process of the plan of what is today known as the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC. 

If Nyong could developed a blueprint for the economic development of a region with nine states that has diverse economic potential, and after more than two decades the blueprint is still relevant and viable, then such a man deserves to be cherished, and pampered. Cross River is  blessed to have a man like Prof. Nyong. Cross River State needs such intellectually sound minds to draw up a strategic blueprint, building on the industrialisation gains of the present administration that will launch the state in its next phase of economic growth. 

Elder, Prof. Chief, Eyo Etim Nyong currently appears to be the only aspirant in the APC with such capacity to deliver on the industrialisation drive the state is now geared towards. 

It is a known fact that most times government comes and go and in most cases their projects go along side with them. As the new government find it difficult to interpret, understand or see the need to continue with another man's project. But Nyong has the posturing of a man with deep knowledge and understanding of how nations or organizations are run especially when it has to do with economic development via industrialisation. 

Nyong has been around long enough to understand how to drive the solutions process towards the peculiar needs of the state. 

If Ayade will want his legacy of industrialisation and his over 30 industries not to go down in waste just like the monumental beautiful white elephant project seated along Adiabo called Tinapa and many others of ohis predecessors, then he needs a man like Eyo Etim Nyong. A man with the willpower and soundness of mind to stir these industries to productivity.