Wednesday, 5 January 2022

More Trouble for Ayade as PDP Threaten to Write Anti Graft Agency over N100b Fraud Scandal

As the 2023 General Elections draws near, there seems to be tension in the governor Ben Ayade's camp after released some weighty allegations of him defrauding the state to the tune of N100b which was transacted through the help of three private companies, close family members and allies.

In a recent Press Release by the People's Democratic Party in Cross River State, the party is threatening to petition Governor Ayade over the allegations by, the statement made it clear that the party will further take all appropriate steps to ensure that " stakeholders in the Cross River State project, file a Petition on all issues with all said Authorities to ensure that nobody is intimidated into silence and submission as has been the case ad infinitum."

The statement by the People's Democratic Party reads in part:

As sensitive and overwhelming as these allegations appear to be, the Governor through his political vuvuzela tried to downplay the allegations by releasing an incoherent rejoinder calling the publication a sponsored lie against the Governor because of the Governor's rising Political Profile especially with the recent visit to Ayade by some Northern Governors. To say that the response given to these smearing allegations by the Deputy Chief Press Secretary, Linus Obogo, is undeserving, unbecoming and incoherent, would be an understatement. The rejoinder is at best, shallow, inexplicable and indecorous. 

As a people-oriented Political Party and one that has the inalienable right to demand accountability from the government, we demand explicit explanation to the following. 

1. Who is/are the owner (s) of Leophina Works Limited?

2. Who transferred #100million on 03/05/2019 to Leophina Works limited as Trustfund Pensions and for what purpose?

3. Who is the real owner of Hally Brown International Limited?

4. In 2016, Hally Brown International limited Account 2 No. 707004424 in Access and Leophina Works Limited moved #200million on a concealed exact date, while a similar transaction of #120million was done through same account with the exact date concealed in 2016. Why are these transactions shrouded in secrecy? 

5. Who issued 37 different cheques to Eyo Eyo Ita, in 2018, through Account No. 1014841335 in Zenith Bank and why was eight (8) different cheques of #10million each issued to the same person in one day (2/26/18).

6. Who transferred #520million and #280million 11times on 30/11/2018 to non-existent bank accounts referred to as Loan Account with First Bank.

7. Further evidence shows that the sum of #2.700billion, #2.250billion, #2.229billion were each transferred 11 times on 23/11/2018 bringing the looting to a total of #24,529,887,131.9billion, just in one day. Can the Ayade Government deny this allegation? 

8. Why do the government have a penchant for concealing or deleting dates of fraudulent transactions through the state government? What is the government trying to hide?. 

9. Can the Governor's Political vuvuzela explain to Cross Riverians why a Credit entry of #70million which was made into CRSG CONSOLIDATED ACCOUNT NO. 2030459287 on an undisclosed date, later showed a purported reversal entry of #70million still on an undisclosed date?

10. On the 28th of July 2017, a debit to CRSG RECURRENT EXP. (FAAC) ACCOUNT NO: 2017445579 of the Sum of #814,337,618.70 was concealed, why? The same happened for the payment/debit on 8/2/2017 in CRSG VAT Account No. 2017445586 suspected to be #805,864,963.44 but diverted. 

Can the incoherent Political vuvuzela give a holistic explanation to the above-mentioned facts, as Cross Riverians are eager to know what happened to our state treasury and Commonwealth. 

While we await further explanations from the Government of Gov. Ayade even when we know that none will come, we call on all anti crime agencies of the Federal Govt  of Nigeria, including the EFCC, ICPC, FIIB, etc to thoroughly investigate these allegations so that they are not swept under the carpet as usual. 

As a political party, The People's Democratic Party will further take All appropriate steps to ensure that we, equally, as stakeholders in the Cross River State project, file a Petition on all issues with all said Authorities to ensure that nobody is intimidated into silence and submission as has been the case ad infinitum. 

While the state is bleeding financially with most senior citizens retiring from service without compensation as provided in extant Pension laws, a few families and their cronies have continued to feed fat on the public treasury without shame, accountability or remorse. Public services including critical healthcare institutions, educational institutions, public utilities like water supply have become moribund. 

We will not shirk in our responsibility to call out this Government on behalf of the People of Cross River State and demand accountability where it becomes necessary.

Prince Mike Ojisi
(State Publicity Secretary PDP)

It should be recalled that the Ayade's led government had earlier put up a rejoinder where it waved all the allegations brought fourth by 
In reply to the recent statement by the People's Democratic Party, Ayade accused the party of paying attention to gossip that have been poorly researched by a sponsored news platform, stating that carried out a hatchet job without due diligence. 

The statement reads in parts: 
"Pointblanknews, in executing its hatchet job, had failed to do due diligence by pushing gossip to the public space as a scoop, which the PDP in Cross River now latches onto as its feeding frenzy. 
While it seeks to deflect attention from the myriads of problems confronting it as a party, such as the zoning controversy, lack of cohesion as well as morphing into a puppet of an offshore godfather, truth  is, what Pointblanknews and PDP are passing off as an 'investigative report', is nothing but a vapid and worthless piece of empty petition authored by the same self-destruct party that has been flying around since July last year and which responsible news media consigned to the trashcan because of irreconcilable inconsistencies therein."