Saturday, 15 January 2022


By Asuquo Cletus Felix The Arm Forces remembrance day celebration is set aside annually, to honour the nation fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives during the world wars, the Nigeria civil war, as well as the peace support, and the various internal security operations for peace to reign supreme. This events, is particularly special as it is targeted at the renewed onslaught against terrorism, and therefore the need to appreciate the efforts of the troops towards restoring normalcy and protecting the nation's territorial integrity. In Nigeria, it is observed on 15 January to commemorate the servicemen of the Nigerian Armed Forces. It also honors veterans of the World War I and II as well as the Nigerian Civil War. The armed forces remembrance day was not an original Nigerian concept. It was introduced by the British colonial authorities to honour Commonwealth soldiers who fought in World War I and II. All British Commonwealth countries observed it on December 11. Nigeria adopted it, domesticated it and moved it to January 15, the day our civil war ended in 1970, to honour our own heroes who paid the supreme sacrifice to protect the house built by Lord Lugard from being demolished by forces by unleashed by my-tribe-first nature of our national politics. Speaking in an interview, some soldiers who preferred not to be mentioned said " This day is to celebrate our galnt soldiers, those who have died for this country. It is also to honour our officers and soldiers particularly those in the Frontline of duty, and those who laid their life's down for this country Nigeria, for our sovereignty and pride. " Even the bible says greater is he who dies for the sake of his friends, we are soldiers yes, we set aside this day to honor our brave men, who paid the supreme price. " We are thankful to them, we love them, we have not forgotten their service and sacrifices and we urge Nigerians not to forget the sacrifices we are making. " Tell Nigerians to respect us and pray for us, ssome of us haven't seen our families for a long time, but if we all go to bed who will fight for this country. " We don't have anything but be thankful because it is not easy beign a soldier, couple with the kind of insecurity and what have you, it is not easy but we thank God". As we celebrate arm forces rememberance day, there is a need for peace and for citizens to live together in one united country. As the nation's continues to gears up to the general elections, political actors need to gaurd their utterances and condut themselves with sense of responsibilities, puttig Nigeria first at all times.