Thursday, 10 February 2022

Ben Akak in Trouble See What Northern C'River Youths did to Him

The Ben Akak Foundation had within the week embarked on a two day tour where young persons from the Central and Northern Senatorial Districts of the state were engaged in a town hall meeting to gather first hand information on the peculiar needs of the youths across the two districts. 

Speaking at the event the state coordinator of the Ben Akak Foundation Youth Wing, Dr. Victor Ndifon had said the event would harvest data of peculiar needs of young people according to their demography as this will help the foundation plan its programmes and activities for the youths within the year. He said the engagement will help the foundation carryout needs assessment on the various communities stating that, the foundation was prepared to carry out only projects and programs that will meet specific needs of young persons. 

The Youths had gathered and were orderly taking turns to press home their specific needs when a student from University of Cross River State moved a motion that Engr. Ben Akak should stop hiding, he should come out and declare for the Gubernatorial seat of the state. According to the motion, Akak has even without a political position touched so many lives positively cutting across the state and political divide and it was now time to take the game higher.

The student insisted that with political power, Akak will do more and change the fortunes of Cross River State. He therefore called on Cross Riverians to give him a chance while stating the youths are with him and will ensure his emergence as governor of Cross River State. 

His motion was seconded by another youth from Boki Local Government Area who began cheering the crowd with songs. At this point the crowd was let loss as Ndifon became helpless while young people present stormed the streets with songs and shouting "We want Ben Akak" "Give us Ben Akak" 

Speaking with the organizers of the event, a confused Ndifon said "I seriously do not know what to say now, this happened in Ikom yesterday the event was taken over by young persons who hijacked the process. we had called all our local government coordinators warning them to ensure same doesn't happen here in Ogoja rather the situation here is worst. 

Speaking further, Ndifon informed that the action of the youths gives him mix feelings as on one hand, the event was hijacked from his hands even when there were still other activities to carry out but on the other hand the actions from youths in both districts gives him joy that young persons are eager for a change and they are gearing towards his principal. 

Speaking with one of the youths at the event, Ekunke Joel, he informed TDN that Engr Ben Akak Foundation has been of great help to Cross River State Youths and thus Ben Akak deserves to be loved by the Youths. "He is a man with a good heart, he has used his foundation to help us in Cross River State, go round this state you will see and hear what Ben Akak has done he is a blessing to Cross River State. That is why we are demanding he becomes our governor, because if without political office he is doing so much for Cross Riverians, we can only imagine what he will do if he is our governor". He said.