Wednesday, 9 February 2022

Ben Akak Will be a Philosopher Governor For Cross River State

A philosopher king is a ruler who combines political skills with  philosophical knowledge. In essence, a philosopher king is one who is focused on a clear path of action and still understands that he is not all-knowing, there by recognizing the need to seek wise counsel in the right quarters. A philosopher king does not shirk responsibility because he/she has been fully prepared for leadership. A philosopher king is a team player who  leads from the front. A front line governorship aspirant in Cross River State, Engr. Ben Etim Akak belongs to this mould of leaders.

Studying the person of Ben Akak reveals someone who inspires confidence in people. He commits to the fact  that "I will run an inclusive Government, taking on board different shades of opinion from different segments but the buck stops with me. I will take full charge and full responsibility". Akak is very clear and consistent on the ideas that will form the bedrock of his leadership as Governor of Cross River State. His vision is anchored on building strong governance institutions, driving entrepreneurship and private sector development, building a strong and quality human resource base, enthroning a deliberate leadership recruitment strategy, diversifying the economic base of the State, identifying and implementing creative funding sources to take away dependence on dwindling federal allocation, etc.

Engr. Ben Akak believes in Cross River State not just by word of mouth but also in his actions. Which is why he has put his money where his mouth is. He has demonstrated his faith and belief that Cross River State can develop her local economy by being one of the biggest private investors in the Cross River economy, unlike most of his co-contestants. He has built his rapidly expanding and high impact business concerns and philanthropic endeavours within the State, providing employment, creating wealth and succour for our people. Like the saying goes "he who wears the shoe knows where it pinches". So as an entrepreneur who invests in the Cross River economy, Ben Akak knows the challenges facing other entrepreneurs and is thus in a better position to design and implement bespoke solutions that will catalyze the growth of our local economy.

Ben Akak is not, like the other aspirants, waiting to be handpicked and imposed on the people. It is a publicly known fact that he is the ONLY governorship aspirant in the All Progressives Congress (APC) that has been openly and actively selling his aspiration to the people. He is working very hard and smart in the political field in pursuit of the realization of his aspiration. He appreciates that the people deserve to know who they will entrust leadership to. It is only fair and just that such hard work, determination, consistency, transparency, empathy and capacity is rewarded with success.

Ben Akak is fully prepared for leadership. He has shown that everywhere he goes. He understands the challenges facing our dear State. He is not under any illusion that governing Cross River State will be a tea party. So it is critical that only someone who has deliberately subjected himself to the process of refinement to be a philosopher king is entrusted with the leadership responsibility of governing our State. Without a doubt, Engr. Ben Etim Akak will be a philosopher governor for Cross River State.