Thursday, 10 February 2022

Cross River State Politics: Will The South Suffer Again?

As a keen follower of the intrigues of  politics of Cross River state, i see doom, a second doom, desperately hovering around the clouds of that state, where my wife is from and where i used to pride my family Christmas holidays.

 The seven LGAs of the south have remained the weakest even with their voting population; Politically disadvantaged, politically used and politically abused.

The so called 'Elites' of the South have remained political illiterates 'gagged' with silence by themselves, like dogs without teeth, they seat in the comfort of their homes, nursing glasses of whiskey like local champions and not say anything, cause a muffin might just be the price to muffle their voices, just a few digits is sufficient to buy out their conscience, their mandate, their constituents progress and development, Representatives of doom.

Donald Duke as  governor lacked empathy, he did not see any good in his people apart from a handful of about five desperados, who are hoodwinked by his brilliant chicanery and charming smiles that conceals his malefic plans. 

When will Cross Riverians awaken to the knowledge of their true predators and salvador?

I saw Honorable Essien Ayi at Nnamdi Azkiwe airport Abuja and i almost wept with pity; incapacitated, walking almost on his 'four,' my friend said he doesn't contribute or attend plenary sessions and has acquired the title of "An I Concur" member Of The Parliament.
How many of his people has he raised in the more that twenty years of representation in the National Assembly?

Honorable Etta Mbora, Amb. Nkoyo Toyo, Honorable Dan Asuquo, what have they all done?
They should show just one person they have economically and sustainably empowered.

The worse of the pack is senator Gershom Bassey, representing this zone, these seven LGA. A self acclaimed emperor, selfish and stingy, economically clueless, never a team player, let him show his people one major economic influence he has attracted in the 24 years of his romance with governance, i hear all the rumblings in the state opposition party (PDP) are all about him and Senator Liyel Imoke's 'occultic' effort to unleash him on the people of Cross River -AGAIN.

 Imoke, a Savvy politician, i hear one of  the best political strategist in Cross River and firm believer in power rotation but remains an insensitive enemy to the economic progress of his state. 

After Ayade his political handiwork, he may be throwing up Gershom Bassey to finally seal the coffin of economic doom on Cross River state. 

After Ayade's eight years of malnourished and wicked administration, the political class in Cross River State should seek help from a true man of God, a Prophet (if they still exist), Imam or a custodian of our African religion.

The people of Cross River State have bled for too long, their tears will hunt 'YOU'.  
Search for a 'DAVID', search for a Governor.

Jacob Temitope
Political Analyst