Thursday, 17 February 2022

'It is not C'River Youth Summit, call it APC Youths Summit, Dan Obo warns APC

Comr. Daniel Obo 

As preparations for the forthcoming Youth Summit in Cross River State slated for February 19th 2022 gears up with the local organizing committee putting finishing touches to ensure they keep their promise of mobilizing over 30,000 youths in Cross River State, Daniel Obo, an acclaimed leader of Youths under the auspices of Cross River State chapter of National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN has called the on attention of both the organizers of the summit to correct the name tag of the event. 

Speaking during a press meeting in Calabar, Comrade Obo said the event is not organized by Cross River State Youths which he leads but a youth subset of a political party known as APC Youth Lobby Group and as such it should not be tagged Cross River State Youths Summit rather it should bear the nomenclature, Cross River State APC Youth Summit, he said it was imperative to clear the air on the matter as National Youth Council of Nigeria is not a part of the shenanigans some appointees of government are trying to put up. 

Obo further said the APC Youth lobby group does not have the right to conduct a Youth Summit for Cross River State Youths without NYCN in Cross River State. When asked if his organization will be attending the event, Obo informed that, if invited he will attend but his group is not in support of the name tag of the proposed event because it is organized by APC and not Cross River State Youths. 

"The group does not have any right to conduct a Youth Summit in Cross River State without the involvement of NYCN, for attending we might attend if invited, but we are not in support of the name tag for the event, because the event is hosted by APC youth lobby group, so they shouldn't give it a general name, it should be call Cross River State APC youth summit and not cross River State Youths Summit". Obo insisted. 

The statement by Dan Obo reads in part:

The so-called Cross River State Youth Summit is not a political meeting for the entirety of the youth of Cross River – both those who are indigenous to and resident in the state. It is a summit for Nigerian youths who are members of the APC. To tag an APC youth event a state youth event carries a subtle attempt to cajole Nigerian youth into buying into the wares of the APC as a political party.

Mind you, as the leader of Cross River youths, I am not legislating on which political parties Nigerian youths should identify with. Of course, youth can identify with any political parties of their conviction and choice but, neither those who have nor any political parties should cajole likely gullible Nigerian youths into thinking that the Cross River State Youth Summit is a state youth summit, whereas it is an APC State Youth Summit.

So, the organisers of the said event which were inaugurated on 27th February by the APC national youth leader, Alhaji Ismaeel Ahmed, should label their events accordingly as it is done in other states and geopolitical zones –it should be APC Cross River State Youth Summit not, Cross River State Youth Summit.

I reiterate:
1. APC Youth Lobbyists group in Cross River should label themselves and their events billed for 19th February properly as obtainable in similar events in other states and geopolitical zones, 

2. They should desist from bandying a pan-Cross River youth tag in the state as this is a deliberate but, cunning attempt to deceive Nigerian youths in the state to buy their political wares,

3. The National Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN therefore dissociates itself from the so-called 'Cross River State Youth Summit' on the premise that the event and organisation is not inclusive of all youth but, divisive of Nigerian Youths residents in and indigenous to the state –divisive because it doesn't carry along youth of every political divide and even within the ranks of APC youth it's unfortunately divisive,

4. NYCN in Cross River frowns at any attempt to arbitrarily divide and rule Nigerian youths to their disadvantage but the unwholesome benefits of their traducers,

5. NYCN in Cross River cautions every youth in the state to be careful of political jobbers way beyond their generation who are masquerading as youth but are wolves in sheep's clothing,

6. NYCN in Cross River charges youth to be firmly united, because united we stand, divided we shall suffer.

Recall that, the APC Lobby Group had last week addressed the Press