Thursday, 24 February 2022

"Nyong is Never Too busy to attend to Young People", More youths speak up for APC Guber Aspirant

Our Correspondence | 24th February 2022

As the 2023 elections draw near, the gubernatorial aspirations of Professor Eyo Etim Nyong is gradually gaining visibility and acceptance by a vast majority of the youthful population in Cross River State as more young persons are beginning to Identify with and testify of his good works.


About a month ago, a campaign to with the sole aim of smearing the character, image and personality of the professor of Petroleum Geology was met with stive resistance by Cross River state youths who have in their numbers risen and spoken against the attempted assassination of Nyong’s Character and Image. Shortly after the publication which was published by Calabar blog where the erudite Professor of Petroleum Geology was smeared and erroneously painted pitching him against a generation, he has fought for all his life, Young persons from all works of life, both corporate bodies and individuals have all come out to testify of his love and care for young people. 

First was a publication by an Efik pro youth Association called Mkparawa Essien Efik Duob-eba who published an article published on with the caption, Nka Ikemsit Mkparawa Essien Efik Duob-eba reacts to Malicious Publication on Prof. Nyong. In the said article, the group described that High Chief Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong is a highly respected patron of the group stating that Nyong is one of the few leaders in Cross River state with special interest for youth development.

Their article reads in part:


“…We applaud the Chairman of Utomo Obong 2021, High Chief Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong for being a leading light in Efik kingdom and Cross River State at large. We remain grateful to him for INCORPORATING YOUTH GROUPS in the itinerary of Utomo Obong for the first time during this great event.


4. We bring to the knowledge of the general public our confidence in Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong, father of the youths in diverse Efik and Cross River State communities. He holds the title "Ada-Usung Mkparawa Efik", meaning, "Leader of the Efik Youths". It is absolutely wrong therefore, for anyone to describe him as not being youth friendly. This is a man who picks all calls from known and unknown sources, listens to all, grants as many requests as possible, and keeps his doors open to all. For the past two decades, he has been committed to empowering women and youths across the State. Evidently while in the NDDC, he made special provision for women and youths package throughout his short period in the agency. Commendably, this gesture continued until today, where several youths have benefited from him through special sponsorship in the academic and entrepreneurial sectors as well as assisting many in gaining employment opportunities, etc. 


Aside the article by Nka Ikemsit Mkparawa Essien Efik Duob-eba, other young persons have spoken up in defense of Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong’s affinity with young persons and deliberate efforts to build their capacity all round.


Prominent among such comments are the following:


Asuquo Nsa wrote:

I know Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong to be youth-friendly. In appreciation of his personal efforts to improve the lots of youth in Cross River State, many youth organizations have honored him with awards. 

"On Saturday, the 23rd of October, 2021, a frontline Youth Group in Efik, " Nka Ikemesit Mkparawa Essien Efik Duob-eba", bestowed an "Award of Honour" on High Chief Prof. Eyo Etim Nyong.

He was specifically honored with the "Adausung Mkparawa Essien Efik Duob-eba". The Chairman described Nyong as a defender of truth, promoter of positive values, decisive and purposeful in leadership, one who has gone beyond his duty calls for the sake of humanity. The award vested on him the mantle of leadership of the group. 


While receiving the award, the High Chief expressed his appreciation for the recognition of his little efforts and reiterated his commitments to the development of the youths and the society at large. He also charged the youths to shun the devastating paths and maximize enterprising opportunities.


"I accept this award as a call to do more for humanity. I have always had great concerns for the youths. Our nation can only make tangible progress if a greater percent of our youths is enterprising. We've got to step up to this challenge. Also, while seeking for the best of our future as youths, we must do this with all sense of decency, shunning all social vices, including kidnapping, robbery, cultism, internet fraud, drugging and violence, which have led many vibrant youths to the path of early destruction. “


Oyira Johnson Wrote:

I am not a politician but I have not seen any individual as open minded as Prof. To set the records straight, He was my Superintendent in Hope Waddell Presbyterian Church when I was the Youth President. He sponsored so many programs. In fact there was a year He sponsored our praise concert tagged " SHOUTS OF PRAISE” to the tune of Hundreds of thousands. He did not end there; at several times I have put calls across to him that prompted him to take available flight down to Calabar just to attend to youth matters. He is never too busy to attend to young persons.  He will always tell us "I was once like you, there is no height you cannot attain". The truth is if given the opportunity, the people's Prof is the best thing that can happen to Cross River State.



Marcualay King Ogie

Paragraph 4, the last statement is so true! My supervisor always talked about your kindness to him and how he worked in South Sea Petroleum.


When I was a final year student of the Dept of Geology, you taught me Micropaleontology and gifted us some money at the end of the class.


You opened my eyes to more opportunities within the petroleum Geology field and your PhD student is my supervisor today.

You are a great scholar and a great leader. God bless you abundantly.

No scheme of the enemy will work again you. Wishing you the best.



There are several other opinions, comments and article written by many Cross Riverians expressing Nyong’s affiliation with young persons but time and space won’t permit their inclusion here. For instance, there are indigenous lecturers in the University of Calabar and University of Cross River State and other Universities across the world that are direct beneficiaries of Prof’s educational benevolence by way of scholarship and trainings. There are many others both in tertiary and secondary schools who are direct beneficiaries of his scholarship scheme and many youths who are doing well both in their private businesses and career courtesy of Nyong’s benevolence.


The songs, calls and show of love have continued to pour in ever since the sponsored malicious publication was released. This is a clear case of what was meant for bad turned out to be in Prof. Nyong’s advantage as many of his benefactors who had remained silence over the years are beginning to speak up.


Truth remains that none of the aspirants in both APC and PDP can match Nyong’s sincere love and developmental efforts towards young persons in Cross River State. Almost all those carrying out one level of youth development activities or the other are doing that with the people’s money as they are either in one appointment of government or the other or are currently or have previously held elective offices. But for High Chief Professor Eyo Etim Nyong, the last time he held any public office which was not even elective was over 20 years ago yet he has continued to use personal hard-earned funds to finance youths activities year in year out.

Whoever must have sponsored that malicious article certainly does not mean well for Cross River state youths, because it is a well-known fact that when a man does well, you encourage him to do more by appreciating him. But when you decide to malign, hate and badmouth him, that odds are that he gets offended and stops whatever he has been doing or plans to do. But thank goodness, Nyong isn’t like that as he is more resolved and committed to the development of young persons in Cross River State even beyond any level of criticism against him.