Saturday, 19 February 2022

Ogoja /Yala By-election: 21 Reasons Why I Will Be Voting for Mike Usibe - FBI


I will call these category of reasons, the Jarigbe and PDP factors. These are very practical. 

Senator Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe was inarguably the most performing legislator in the House of Representatives from Cross River State. Mehn, we love him. From Bakassi to Bekwerra, from Akpabuyo to Obalinku, he was the talk of the town. The star boy. Now, he is in the Senate, still performing and still well loved. Mike Usibe is the only candidate close enough to Jarigbe to learn from him how he did it as a Rep Member.

We have just over a year before this political dispensation will take a bow. There is no time to go to the House of Representatives to learn the ropes before swinging it. We need to vote someone who is close to someone who has been there and did excellently well.

Jarigbe had a lot of projects and interventions going on for our people in the Ogoja/Yala Federal Constituency. Some of these projects were already concluded while others were ongoing when he was elected a senator. It will be easier for the Senator to show his friend and fellow party member how to continue these projects immediately for the benefit of our people. 

Constituency projects and interventions just don't fall on the laps of legislators; if you don't know your way around Abuja you will miss your turn and it will take very long to find your way, if you ever do. With enough time, anyone can learn the ropes like Jarigbe did but that's the point, we don't have time.

The surest way that anyone can go to the House of Representatives and hit the ground running without wasting the barely one year we have, is to get the mentorship and guidance of Senator Jarigbe. And who is Jarigbe supporting? Mike Usibe. I repeat, this is very practical.

At least, there is one thing you can't hear anybody say; that is that Senator Jarigbe did not perform well as a House Member. Even his staunch opponents will always confess that Jarigbe was an excellent House Member in all regards. So, we can all agree that he has the blueprint on how to succeed in the House. And who do you think he will quickly and readily share that blueprint with? An APC member?

My friend said we should stop selling Mike Usibe using Jarigbe. But why not? Why most of us are rooting for Usibe is because of Jarigbe. This should be commonsense. See, Usibe is eminently qualified. Some of the other candidates are also qualified. But with the short time we have, it will take more than just qualification to perform in the House of Representatives. It will take connection, mentorship and guidance.

Politics should be as practical as business. It should not just be about ego trip. If this is a banking job in Ogoja, who would you want to take over as manager? Someone who knows and has access to the former manager who performed excellently or someone who doesn't? 

Well, I'm talking in terms of the dividends of democracy, not in terms of who the governor wants or who has a point to prove. In terms of dividends of democracy, Mike is in a party and in league with those who brought all we are enjoying in that constituency today. It is a simple choice between performers and fresh faces who are promising to perform.

We have wasted so much time having an on-and-off in the Senate and months of vacancy in the House of Representatives. We don't have any time for newbies without guidance on how to immediately continue from where the former occupant stopped.

They have started again with "the Governor say make I come run". Even if the Governor says this, must it be this slavishly declared in public? It is this whole idea of monarchical despotism that turns me unto the Usibe candidacy, where at least, there is still a semblance of democracy.

Continuity. I will vote for Hon Mike Usibe because I see it as a continuity of Jarigbe Agom Jarigbe's excellent representation in the House of Representatives.

suffragiumus, Usibe!


- By Firsts Baba Isa (FBI)

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