Wednesday, 23 February 2022

See Why Residents of Lagos Street showered Praises on Hon. Esther Bassey, Calabar South LG Chair

Esther Bassey, Chairman of Calabar South Local Government Area 

Ukorebi Esien |23rd February 2022 

The popular Lagos street in Calabar South Local Government Area is a major fresh fish spot where lovers of fresh fish go to buy various varieties of fish.

Aside the busy fresh fish spot, one notable spot in this busy street is a huge refuse dump that has been an eyesore and a disturbance to residence of the area. The dumpster had taken a grater part of the road making it difficult for motorist and other road users as it caused traffic congestion. 

Aside the dumpster, the drainage was not also a good sight to behold as it was filled to the brim with dirt. Residents also complained of rape cases and other heinous crimes taking place within the environment since that spot is usually dark at night with no streetlight to lighten the place.  According to Madam Bassey Ita, a fish seller, the entrance of the street from Calabar Road use to be flooded especially during rainy season, another resident informed TDN that the darkness, the dirt, the flood and also the stench from the dumpsters made the area to be deserted thus giving room for hoodlums to carry out all manner of atrocities. 

This was the state of the popular Lagos Street located at the heart of Calabar very close to the oldest market in Cross River State, the Watt Market, these and many more were the plight of the people before the Executive Chairman of Calabar South Local Government Area popularly referred to as Queen of South came to their rescue. 

Residents woke up on Tuesday morning to see work ongoing in Lagos Street. The workaholic LG boss had engaged the services of young people in the area to help clean up the area, they evacuated the debris from the drainage so there could be free flow of water, the big dumpster was also removed and shifted from the road. Also the Queen of South ensured solar powered street lights where installed in the street. 

With all these accomplished within one day, Lagos Street now wears a new look, residents are all happy and expressed gratitude to the Queen of South which they described with all manners of beautiful adjectives. The joy was also expressed by the Fresh Fish sellers who collectively in appreciation packaged some of their market wares and presented same to the chairman of council. 
Lagos Street traders presenting a basket load of vegetables to their council boss 

Speaking with TDN, some of the market women, residents and passersby had this to say 
"I appreciate what the chairman is doing, we will now breathe fresh air, this place had been stinksing, but with what's done we can stay safe and healthy here." Angela Etim said. 

Haruna, a trader who lives and sells in Lagos Street complained that the place had been a major source of concern to him due to insecurity and health hazard, but was satisfied and relieved with the work done by the Queen of South, he said now residents can live in peace without fear as the place have been opened up and lighted. 

A passersby who identified himself as Mr. Uwem Inyang said "This is my route, I am a regular user of the road when gpong to work, but due to the nature of my job I come back late and cannot use the road at night because the area is always dark and unsaved, I will have to go and turn the other street along Watt Market, a very long distance, but with what the chairman has done, I can now use this road when coming back this night"

Madam Bassey Ita a fish seller said "God will bless her for us o, she has opened up this place and now the place looks clean and is no longer smeling bad, with this I believe we will have more patronage as many of our customers stopped coming because of the unhygien and insecurity"

Lawrence a resident explained that the place was always flooded and very toxic to residents but he is full of appreciation to the Queen of South. "I am so much happy with her, I thank her so much, she has really done what the masses will benefit. You it is not all about giving out money all the time, but once in a enter the streets see the real needs of your people and solve them, that is what ma has don. May God bless her very well."

A keke driver, Okon Ibok said "Dah dis woman work pass man o, she just dey do do plenty tins. Las time na Watt Market she go, then she come o Hawkins Cemetery now she don come here. Abeg mma get doings." when asked how the evacuation will benefit him, he said it will greatly reduce traffic as the road is now open and motorable, so drivers can not divert from Calabar raod especially at rush hours. 

In an exclusive interview with TDN, Hon. Mrs. Esther Bassey informed that the motivation behind her environmental strides is to restore cleanliness back to Calabar, she recalled when Calabar used to be the most cleanest city in Nigeria, stating that cleanliness is next to godliness and maintaining a clean environment will reduce health problems, so her activities will help residents of Calabar South enjoy good health. 

She used the opportunity to advise residents to continue in the good example she has laid down, while calling on them to properly dispose their waste and ensure to clean up their environment regularly. She also called on the state government and private individuals as well as corporate bodies to come to their aide as they are more to do in Calabar South especially in the interior areas. She said the council will need trucks, waste bins and many other facilities as this will take away the burden of always paying for these services whenever the council needs them. 

Photo Gallery of  the evacuation on Lagos Street 

Lagos after the clean up exercise 

Lagos Street before the clean up exercise