Thursday, 17 March 2022

Calabar South Chairman Unveils Plans to Give Watt Market a Facelift

A section of Watt Market, Calabar

The Chairman of Calabar South Local Government, Hon. Esther Bassey has made known her intentions to give the popular Watt Market a facelift.

The LG boss informed that plans are on ground to renovate the Shopping Complex wing of the market stating that it became necessary to give the market a new look due to numerous complaints reaching her on littered nature of the Complex arising from the scattered sitting arrangement as well as non-uniformity of the displayed umbrellas used in trading.

The interspersed nature of the traders' Effects has become an eyesore to passers-by 
The Round about section of the Calabar Watt Market

and the CSLG Chairman has assured of swift action to ameliorate the defacement.

"I intend to take out all the torn and multi-coloured umbrellas, then replace them with ones that are in uniform. I have received so many calls from different quarters, and the complaints are the same; a display of littered and scattered trading setting at the shopping complex area.

"My plan is to beautify the face of shopping center, giving it that tourist attraction. Those who are illegally staying outside will be brought inside for safety and it shall also stop the defacement of the market.

"We do not intend to send anybody away; we only want to reposition them in a better manner."

The Queen of South has assured the traders that no one will be losing a thing in the course of the beautification.