Saturday, 5 March 2022

"I am Ready to Run" Awade Friday Steps out Again to Grab C'River Assembly Job

Awade Friday

Ukorebi Esien | 5th March 2022

As the political climate of Cross River State begins to gather momentum, with many political gladiators glamouring for political offices, a Cross River State OAP cum comedian and entertainer, Friday Awade widely known as Last Prophet has said he is ready to serve Cross Riverians come 2023.

Awade who is the host of the Otweotwe show on Hit 94.5 FM made this known in an official statement signed by him and made available to TDN. According to the statement, the radio comedian said he was ready to serve the people of Obanliku state constituency in the State House of Assembly.

Awade who in 2019 failed to secure his party's ticket to represent Obanliku in the State House of Assembly emphasized that his desire to represent his people as a lawmaker is pivoted on the fact that the constituency needs leaders "with the energy of the young, the will of the People, the love for the poor and the Wisdom of the Old", stating that he represents that perfect picture to offer good representation to his people.

His statement reads in full: 


Good people of Obanliku!

Today marks another milestone in our political history. 

I believe the backbone of any fast developing society is spiced with functional and well articulated people oriented policies. 

We are in a Leadershift season where different people with diverse ideas will come forth Marketing their Interest to you. 

The truth of the matter is, the kind of leadership we choose today will influence our tomorrow either positively or Negatively.

People of Obanliku are we going to make the same mistakes we made in 2019? The answer to that question is one of the many reasons I, Awade Friday kamie is Standing tall to seek the mandate to represent the good people of Obanliku in the cross river state House of Assembly come 2023 under the Platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and I do this With utmost sense of humility and sincerity to serve my people.

I am here to let you know that in all we have gotten, we can get more and in all we have done, we can still do more. Every man or woman who sets out on the mission to lead, have good intentions but what makes the difference is the ability to deliver on the promises made to the people.

I believe what we need at a time like this is a man with the energy of the young, the will of the People, the love for the poor and the Wisdom of the Old. 

We need a bridge that can take us either ways as long as we are making progressive movements to our desired destination. We need me - Awade Friday Kamie.

We need someone who will share his little with everyone, someone who will empower the youths, and maintain the Elders. We need Someone who can synergize ideas to deliver true Democratic dividends.

The truth of the matter is that we can be better as a people only if we look beyond the existing protocols and establish something new with a different leadership flavor.

Permit me to use this opportunity to present myself to you once again, i am a man under authority, very experienced, exposed, with broad reach, contacts, yet ready to learn at the feet of the elders, ready to strive through the strength of the young, ready to win through the resilience of the Weak and Deliver through the Grace of the Almighty.

I am your son who believes that the greatness of the Obanliku Nation can only be achieved through deliberate Crossbreeding efforts between the old and the Young people of the Obanliku Nation.

I am Awade Friday Kamie the hope of the Common Man, and I present myself once again for Stewardship like i did in 2019.

Send me Obanliku and i will be back with results, teach me and I will learn, correct me and I will listen.

On this day the 5th of March 2022, I officially Declare my intention to run for the Cross River State House of Assembly in 2023, to Represent the good people of Obanliku State Constituency.

I am Ready to serve, and, I am ready in all ramifications. Whatever it will take to Win the mandate of our people, I AM READY.

As I begin my Consultations formally by reaching out to our Leaders, youth groups, women and clergymen in coming Days, and across the 10 Political Wards of Obanliku in coming weeks, kindly open your doors to me and release your hearts to the yearnings and cry of the common Obanliku person.

In coming Days I shall release a formal Document of hope and my social contract with the Obanliku People.

Together We are, we can and we will make Obanliku Great Again.

I ask that you Partner with me on this journey to Greatness.

God bless Obanliku

Power to the people