Tuesday, 8 March 2022

International Women’s Day: Let’s Celebrate The Women – Dansuki

Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo, popularly known as Dansuki, a governorship aspirant of the PDP has lean his voice in celebration of the women folk as the world celebrates International Day of the Women. 

Speaking with our correspondent, Dansuki said, anyone who fails to celebrate the women is not fit to live because you are directly denying and questioning the possibility of your birth. Nature makes them carriers and channel of birth, and this unique role is worth celebrating. This is in addition to other such roles of importance they play.

Dansuki also added that the role of women in humanity cannot be overemphasized, "for me, I celebrate my mother, Late Mrs. Comfort D. Asuquo, posthumously for her many dynamic and sterling roles. Words can't describe her in depth formative contributions to us her children and others within her. I celebrate the commander in chief of the Dansuki's dynasty if I so put it, my wife, my close confidante, my 001, Mrs. Ekanem Asuquo, my sister Ann Asuquo and every other woman and girl child".

"This year's celebration is happening as the women are protesting against all the bills that were rejected during the constitution amendment a fortnight ago, which seeks equality, equity and transparency in seeking public offices. Truth be told, if you understand the nature of women, they are always in competition even when there is no competition. This indeed brings out the best in them and the best of the result in all that they do. Make no mistake, the women are sometimes under the weight of their overstrung and overstretched political trap and ambition which can change once they harmonize their structure".

"I am always move by their passion, the transmogrification and admixture of their managerial acumen and dilatable stance for change and palliative mission to better the lots in the society. They are indeed worth celebrating. Your voices have been heard, which unlike the men folks does not promote provocative and reprehensive cede in politics and otherwise. If I have my way, I will have composed a poem to all the women, but conclude by saying, just as the Biblical injunction clearly their roles as helpmate, we can't deny them the many other roles they have been playing. In short, your project cannot succeed without them".

And so, I celebrate all the women who have demonstrated their capacities as leaders and co-leaders, managers, best teachers, good planners, vessels, listeners, emancipators, heads of households, vanguards of change, channels of blessings, mothers, caregivers, providers, guardians, protectors, role models, mediatriax, etc. the list is indeed unending". 

Happy Women's Day to all the women!