Wednesday, 16 March 2022

PDP C'River Can Never Woo a Serial Loser Like Prince Bassey Otu

Prince Bassey Otu

The joke of the century in Cross River State political space was cooked by a struggling political party and a bad aspirant with his inexperienced campaign organisation. 

One cannot be shocked by the display of desperation by the APC and her gubernatorial aspirants since the party both at the national and state level has become a sinking ship that will eventually suffer eminently at the 2023 polls.

How can the APC or a failed politician whose political career was dead and buried during his last days in our great party, ever conceive the idea that the PDP Cross River is nursing the idea to return back to a bad marriage that went wrong at all time while it lasted? 
How can anyone believe that Sen. Prince Otu will ever get wooed by the largest and most experienced political party in the country? 

Both possibilities are as impossible as the son of God repenting from his holiest position as the son of God who bore the sins of humanity.

We regard Prince Bassey Edet Otu as one of  the worst political discoveries of our political life. During his time in our party, Sen. Otu was a total political liability to the party in the state, his time at the federal house of representatives and the senate was like a curse to both the state and the party, he was known for only one thing; selling off projects to lobbyists, depriving the state and the party great developmental opportunities. 
The failed senator should even be held responsible for some of the economic woes of the state. 

Sen. Otu touts himself back then as a youth empowerment senator, this is another shameful persona of a failed politician. How do you empower people with custom impounded vehicles thereby depriving the original owners of their vehicles.  Their prayers alone made the empowerment scheme a wrong model, as those vehicles are nowhere to be found now and never added any economic value to the beneficiaries. 

Politics is a game of competence, sellable and popularity, the failed senator possesses none of these qualities, back then and is even worse right now. Should the senator and his inexperienced APC campaign team wish to deny this fact, they must publicly tell everyone why he lost his election even at the peak of his fake popularity in 2015. Since then he has been roaming the entire political space seeking establishment support for this visionless political career. 

The senator is such a serial loser that winning elections in his ward and local government has since become a herculean task for a shameless politician like himself even as recently as 2019.  

The People's Democratic party is blessed with experienced politicians who are capacity ready to win any election in the state and the nation. Going back to Prince Bassey Otu will be suicidal to us as a party, we can never go back to lick our vomit. Our party has moved to greater heights; a feat that the APC will never achieve in decades to come. 

The write up by his social media pen brigade is insulting because no  right-thinking political party will ever go after a political aspiration like that of Prince Bassey Otu, considering the following indelible facts:
1. The man is not sellable
2. The man is as weak as a dead rat
3. The man has been out of politics for more than a decade; so, he is not popular.
4. The man is hated by his people.
5. A Man who stole his mentor's wife cannot be trusted.
6. The man lacks political goodwill, therefore a bad liability. 
7. The man has zero investments in the state, and even boasted that he has no company or business, so if he loses, he will run back to where his investments are. 
8. The man lives on fake energy no one knows. 
9. The man has phony financial dealings during his mercantile bank days. 
10. The man is not competent and lives in the fake hype of past popularity given to him by our party. 
These are the reasons our great party will never conceive an iota of thought to woo such a politically dead person. 
No way. Let him stay with APC in their sinking stolen mandate ship and deceive them to become their Flag bearer. 

If this was an attempt to beg PDP to give him a 2 billion naira lifeline, sorry, PDP will not give him. We have better things to do with our dollars and naira than waste it on a serial loser. 

In his usual way, maybe he has seen the Umahi handwriting on the wall and wants to abandon the ship that once gave him a lifeline. His boys should tell him PDP is not APC and we don't wipe away your sins once you cross over. 

With these in mind, the PDP sees the 2023 gubernatorial election as a walk over, because a weak candidacy of a Prince Bassey Otu will never withstand the massive capacity and competence of our soon to be unveiled candidate.

David Takon
DG. PDP Vanguard.

The above article does not in anyway represent the thoughts, stands or opinion of TDN as they are purely that of the author