Thursday, 24 March 2022

People-driven Leadership: Why Engr. Ben The Akak Remains The Best To Govern Cross River State In 2023.

Engr. Ben Akak

Ekpenyong Isaiah | 25th March 2022

The rise of Engr. Ben Etim Akak, a Prince of the Eburutu axis of the Efik Eburutu Kingdom in the political spheres of Cross River State, and his emergence as the current leading contender to the office of the governor of Cross River State has taken everyone by surprise, with those who do not understand the timing of God, asking questions like where and what has he been before?

One unique thing about this shining star, a born humanist, leader and Philanthropist, is his people-driven style of leadership that is rarely seen amongst politicians in the state.

The passion in Engr. Ben Akak to eradicate poverty through jobs creation in his private companies, bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by sponsoring practical creative education and scholarships in our secondary and tertiary institutions through the Ben Akak Foundation, provision of basic amenities to communities in Cross River State while not holding any political office, provision of health insurance to people in our communities to improve the health of our people, and his constant efforts in keeping in touch with the activities and welfare of his staff, supporters and political associates, is an act that has defined him as a man that is always looking for ways to care for his people- a man that always communicates with his people and a man that maximizes the potentials of his people which are all rare qualities of a people-driven embedded in Engr. Ben Akak.

For those asking where has Engr. Has Ben Akak been before?

I want to let you know that when God wanted to save America from the worse recession ever in the history of that country, He raised a nobody like Barrack Obama for the job. God did not look for established politicians like the Clintons, McCains and the rest. He just needed someone that will obey His commandments and Obama did not just take America out of recession, he recorded great feats in developing America and bringing peace to the world.

When God wanted to save France from religious extremists, He did not look for established politicians, He brought in an unknown 39 years Emmanuel Macron for the job. Today, French people can freely sleep with their eyes closed.

When God wanted a King for Israel, He brought David from the bush for the job because He knew there will be a Goliath to kill.

Are you now thinking in my direction about the sudden rise of Engr? Ben Akak in our political spheres? He has been divinely prepared for today's mission. God knows our plight and is about to do something new with Engr. Ben Etim Akak. The only thing you need to do is to allow yourself to be an instrument in God's hands to fulfil these divine missions now.


Ekpenyong Isaiah writes from Lagos, Nigeria 

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