Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Politics Will Not Destroy Our Friendship Of 30 Years, Ayade Vows As He Meets Chris Agara In Calabar

Agba Jalingo | 8 March 2022

Cross River State Governor, Professor Ben Ayade, has berated the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over what transpired in the primaries in the Central Senatorial District of the state.

Speaking about it for the first time publicly during the launch of the State Microfinance Bank in Calabar recently, Ayade, who called Agara to stand with him on the podium said, "I would like to call my brother, Chris Agara, to please come up here. Let us shame the devil. Let us shame the enemies. Let us shame all those who thought that they can put a fight between two brothers. We have conquered. Our politics has no business with our brotherhood. My brother you are welcome.

"This is a brother indeed. He is the only brother that can also give his right eye to protect me. It is my brother that even in pains, with all enemies gathered in his house, he said instead of me to hurt my brother, I would rather not be politics. This is politics with ethics. This is true brotherhood. My brother who has said, he would rather forget politics and stand by his brother. But you will be shocked that people we have literally helped in the days of their poverty, they connived to conspire and carry rumours and stories to destroy brotherhood of over 30 years.

"But God is strong. God has shamed them. If that is all we have achieved in this politics, that blood is stronger than politics. That is what Chris Agara has demonstrated. That inspite of it all, that he has spent more money than any other candidate in this state, a party that is so unfair and has got no conscience, a man came ready for election and you take out his name from the ballot. You take out his name because you know he is too powerful. When people use God given opportunities to do injustice, injustice would wait for them. So for my brother, I asked you to be strong and abide in the faith of God because it is God's will. But for those who the devil has used to stop the instrumentality, challenge and direction of God at the fullness of time, Holy Ghost would visits them with their own mighty fire.

"The devil will rise, the demon will rise, but Jesus when he rises, he would quench all of them and he has brought peace and calm, he has brought tranquility, he has restored brotherhood and in his own words, it has only deepened our brotherhood. We would put them to shame. He is going to direct, the campaign, direct the politics, direct the future, and together we would build a better Cross River State."