Tuesday, 15 March 2022

The Bakassi Issue Can Only Be Revisited If... - Duke

Lady Emana Amawhe Duke

Ukorebi Esien | 17th March 2022

A frontline aspirant for the Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar South Federal Constituency Legislative Seat, Lady Emana Duke Ambrose-Amawhe has called on stakeholders in Bakassi Local Government Area to ensure they support credible leaders with human conscience to represent them at the national assembly if the issues concerning the ceding of Bakassi to Cameron will be revisited.

Duke who was speaking to the People's Democratic chapter executive council members from Bakassi recently, said it was time to get it right with the Bakassi Issue, stating that they need credible  representatives who have human sympathy to take up the resettlement of Bakassi people to the end. 

She urged the people to stop thinking of immediate benefits from political office seekers but support credible candidates who will offer effective representation.

"The Issue o Bakassi is not going to be revisited if we do not have credible lawmakers with compassionate hearts for humanity. If someone who doesn't have a burden to see a better Crow River does not represent us, it's going to be business as usual. On lection day, they will still come and distribute,money, and items for us to vote them. The question is for how long will we Keep living like this? What stories do we intend to tell our children? The monies we collect today to sell our votes will finish, but the problem of Bakassi will still be stirring us in the face, let's tell ourselves the truth and support a credible candidates that will help us." She said.

The former Channels Television Broadcaster who pleaded with stakeholders present to support her ambition said she is that new face and fresh idea needed to revamp and restore the glory of the constituency. 

"Bakassi people please, I need your support, I actually came to serve and this can only be possible if you support me, we need a representative who is fearless, bold and have a voice and a heart to serve." She concluded.

Responding in turns, stakeholders present promised to give her their support stating that she has captured their minds with her speech. Nonetheless, they advised she widen her consultations while remaining prayerful.

Earlier, while introducing lady Emana, the DG of the Campaign Team, Mr. Francis Etang popularly
Known as Masaro had said the team is ready to face anybody in both the party's primary and general election. He said Emana is fully prepared for the race in all ramifications as she has consulted wide and hopes to leave no stone unturned in her pursuit. 

Recall that she had earlier visited stakeholders from Calabar South and Akpabuyo Chapters of the People's Democratic Party where she solicited their support too.