Friday, 4 March 2022

Where will you rather be this Saturday?

Bishop, Emah Gospel Isong

Ukorebi Esien|3rd March 2022

Morning  Dew, the word-packed gospel program that is famed to have wrath great signs and wonders holds this Saturday, 5th March by 6am.

Bishop Dr. Emmah Gospel Isong will be glad to receive you into the Faith Mansion World Center, City of Testimonies as God is set to take long standing and protracted illnesses away from you, break family barriers and set you free, launching you into endless possibilities of greatness. 

Remember, its this Saturday, 5th February. Don't wait for the cock to crow before you wake, it might be too late.

His Lordship, Bishop Isong has said that 'we are going to be seeing the power of the word of God to change lives, family and business.'

Come Saturday this week, all roads will lead to Morning Dew,  Christian Central Chapel, Faith Mansion World Center, City of Testimonies, Ikot Ene-Obong, 8 Miles, Calabar