Thursday, 24 March 2022

Why Calabar South Constituency 1 Needs A Representative Like Nella Andem-Ewa Come 2023

Nella Andem-Ewa 

Ukorebi Esien | 24th March 2022

Calabar South was the heartbeat of the Efik people, with hard work, camaraderie, artisan trade, team effort, cleanliness, non-violence, and serenity at its core. It was a commercial hub and a place of pride for the Efik people and all its inhabitants. There is an urgent need to protect this heartbeat and to wholeheartedly speak for the rebuilding and progression of Calabar South Constituency One.

A legislator has three primary responsibilities: making laws, Conducting Oversight Functions by ensuring effective and efficient execution of government programmes and projects, and finally, representing their constituency by advocating for the interests of their members and fostering partnerships that secure the development and growth of the constituency.

The truth is, the role of a legislator is about constantly engaging with constituents, understanding their pain points and utilizing the powers and resources entrusted to her to advocate and push for progressive change and development. A legislator achieves this, by sponsoring relevant legislation, protecting constituents' interests constituents during oversight functions, as well as attracting projects and programmes to the constituency through partnerships for development. 

As the legislative race for 2023 gathers momentum with several politicians throwing their hats into the ring for the privilege to serve the great people of Calabar South Constituency 1, as their representative in the State legislative house, Nella Eyoanwan Andem-Ewa, a true daughter of the soil, eken nyin,  is the one person that fits the bill.

She is from Andem Ankoi House, Henshaw Town and an indigene of Calabar South LGA. The daughter of Late Chief Henry Ekeng Andem-Ewa, popularly called "Papa Ewa" and Mrs Nella Andem-Ewa Rabana, SAN FCI Arb, former Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Cross River State, during the tenure of H.E. Donald Duke.

Judging from the above requirements, Nella is the best choice, equipped and prepared for the job. Nella understands the heartbeat of Calabar South Constituency 1 and a peep into her profile suggests she had, over the years, intentionally positioned and prepared herself to serve her people. 

[Nella Is] Positioned to Serve

A popular adage says if, given the task of chopping down a tree for 6 hours, a wise man will spend the first 4 hours sharpening his axe-head. That was exactly what Nella, who is simply described as beauty with brains, has been doing. She was sharpening her axe-head, listening to the concerns and pain points, refining herself and making herself ready for the job of a legislator. 

To buttress this, a look at her profile will tell the story:

Apart from her primary and secondary education obtained between Calabar, Port Harcourt and Ibadan, Nella went on to study Law at the University of Edinburgh, UK, where she graduated with an Upper Second Class LLB (Honours) Law.

She returned to Nigeria and was successfully called to the Nigerian Bar. She has deepened her professional understanding of economy, communications, leadership, data analysis, effective repolicymakingand policy-making by undergoing several professional programmes, including an MBA Essentials Certificate Course by the London School of Economics and Political Science, (UK) and Data for Effective Policy Making Certificate Course by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Nella Eyoanwan Andem-Ewa is a cross-sectional policy and legal professional, with vast experience in various fields, including policy advisory, communications, litigation, commercial law, and the non-governmental sector. 

Nella is the Policy and Communications Consultant (Special Adviser) to the Senator representing Cross River South Senatorial District. She has provided strategic services through her research, policy advisory and legislative drafting work in areas relating to domestication and value addition, illicit financial flows, national planning, inclusivity and youth development and the infrastructure crisis. She has also contributed to recommendations and implementation strategies for Senate Committees on National Planning, Infrastructure, the 1999 Constitution Review and Finance, among others. She is also a Partner in Lexglobal Partners LP, a renowned Nigerian commercial law and consultancy firm.

Her previous work experience includes working as Communications Officer at a non-governmental organisation where she successfully facilitated community outreach and educational campaigns, including Football for Future'', a project that provided over 1000 footballs and football kits, dona US, from the US to children across Nigeria. It sought to foster self-expression, teamwork and sportsmanship among children.

She was also an Associate at a top-tier Nigerian litigation and commercial law firm, where she represented the interests of several national and international clients in the public and private sectors, through corporate compliance, litigation and other dispute resolution mechanisms.

She is a Fellow of the ElectHER Future Lawmakers Programme, which seeks to equip and enable 35 women to run for elective law-making offices across Nigeria. She is also an active member of Rotary International and the Deputy Director (South-South) of the Electoral College of Nigeria, where she has facilitated training to over 7000 participants, on the legislative arm of government and the legislature's role in governance.

For a Brighter Future, Support Nella Andem-Ewa for Member, Calabar South Constituency One, Cross River State House of Assembly, and Let Your Voice Be Heard!.