Friday, 4 March 2022

Why Dansuki Is a Detribalised C'Riverian

A political support group under the aegis of echoes of victory in Cross River State has identified with Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo, a gubernatorial hopeful of the PDP ahead of the 2023 general election.

Addressing newsmen in Calabar, the facilitator of the group, Mr. Dominic Omin said that the 2023 general election will be a turning point in the history of Cross River State as a lot will happen to redefine the political narrative in the state. 

Omin stated that when the notion of the support group was conceived, the idea was to throw in our support to a PDP candidate that will emerge from the primary, but when Rt. Hon. Daniel Asuquo entered the race, it was not difficult to identify with him. His antecedence, his tract records, his political and administrative sagacity and acumen endeared us to him. 

Very few Cross Riverians are as detribalized as Dansuki. His exploit started long before his entry into politics. I recalled with nostalgia his several attempts to create a sense of independency among his peers and friends in making them middlemen in cocoa transaction, the family business he ventured into.

As a Local Government Chairman of Akamkpa, bursary was the in-thing for students in the LGA. Every fibre of the LGA was touched as he left no stone unturned in bringing democratic dividends to his people to the admiration of all. He brought Akamkpa to the spotlight.

The Director General of Echoes of Victory, Mr. Charles Ayama could not hold back his admiration for the businessman/farmer turned politician. According to him, "to describe Dansuki as a detribalized Cross Riverian is an understatement. But I truly lack the proper adjective to describe him. When he took over as the pioneer DG of SEA (State Electrification Agency), he went all out to ensure that electricity gets to the doorstep of every Cross Riverian. This wasn't an easy feat, and for those places the agency could not touch, they carried out  feasibility studies and had a roadmap on ground for future execution".

"You will agree with me that the problem of a typical Nigerian is electricity. And his exploit in the power sector with several landmark achievements will help the vision of a new Cross River State whose success in Nigeria will serve as a model to other states in the country. We did it in the water sector and we can right whatever wrong currently faced in these sectors".

He further stated that, as a politician, Dansuki has taken democratic dividends to places outside his constituency. This is a feat unrivaled. There is no local government in the state that does not have a story about him. We see all over as he facilitates the construction of schools, provision of electricity, water, roads, employment opportunities pursuit to success. How he goes about all of these is what many do not understand.

So, as a group, it was not difficult for us to pitch our tent in the Dansuki Project 2023. We are encouraging others to join the train to give Cross River State the facelift she _deserves_ , he concluded.